Your Guide to Picking Crystals According to Your Zodiac Sign

   If your love life feels like a rollercoaster ride, then our astrologer suggests a Rose Quartz might be something to heal your heart and ease this process.

By Mehak Mishra
26 April, 2024
Your Guide to Picking Crystals According to Your Zodiac Sign

Crystals are naturally occurring minerals that have been around for quite some time, often used as an accessory and widely known for their healing power. When a turbulent time arrives, one seeks shelter around our beliefs to feel calm and keep yourself grounded. From Katrina Kaif to Bella Hadid, all of our favourite celebrities who practice crystal healing have often shared their experiences of the holistic and positive nature of the crystalline. No longer a clout piece, crystals found a resurgence in these wearying times, and let's be fair, who doesn't want a perfectly aligned chakra and a glowing aura? But picking the perfect stone needs guidance. 

We spoke to astrologer Jai Madaan for things to keep in mind while choosing the perfect crystal according to your zodiac sign…. 


This fire sign is ruled by Mars and is known to be fierce and passionate. Those belonging to this zodiac aren't scared of obstacles. A slight boost of motivation and a sense of validation often helps them move forward. “Crystals belonging to the red or orange family like jasper or stronger, shimmering crystals work great for this fire sign," says Jai.


This sensual and tenacious sign is ruled by the planet Venus. A boost of flexibility and mental strength is enough to help Taurians flourish. According to Jai, clear quartz works very well for this earth sign and can be worn as an elegant piece of jewellery or a stone to carry in your purse through rough times.


The quick-witted, playful Gemini is ruled by the curious, intellectual planet, Mercury. "I would suggest a peridot or a green colour stone for this sign,” says Jai. Peridot helps keep negativity and difficulties at bay and is considered a joyful stone! 


Moon holds rulership over this intuitive and empathetic sign. Jai recommends agate to enhance perception and balance Cancerians so that they can keep negativity at bay. 


The planet of vitality and strong will, the sun rules over this strong-headed sign. According to Jai, crystals like red jasper, tourmaline, and fool's gold work best for these fire signs. A talisman or a pendant also helps to keep them grounded and protect them against negativity.


The rational, sharp maiden is ruled by the logical planet Mercury which symbolizes communication. Jai suggests jade which helps Virgos enhance their best traits.


Librans are teaming with love, harmony, and keeping the peace in relationships. As per Jai, an Opal or a peach, white-ish crystal works very well for this sign. Along with these, a clear clock quartz pencil or a tower will turn things in their favour.


Passionate Mars and powerful pluto rule the mysterious Scorpios. Jai says, “Red Jasper or sparkling golden-coloured stone called Iron Pyrite (also known as fool's gold) suits them.” This crystal is great at absorbing energy directly into your skin.


The planet of growth and luck, Jupiter gives Sagittarius their zeal for never-ending wisdom. Jai recommends wearing a yellow citrine or crystals from the red/orange as it can easily manifest financial abundance and prospects for this intellectual and innovative sign. 


The limitless Uranus and the sincere Saturn rule this eccentric sign–a blend of two different energies, Aquarians are intellectual and individualistic. Amethyst is their birthstone which helps keep negativity away, bringing more clarity to their lives.


The persistent and ambitious Capricorns get their wisdom from Saturn, the planet of karma and perseverance. Lapis Lazuli is the stone you are looking for, and this beautiful, deep blue stone can be easily worn as a bracelet or ring.


Neptune, the planet of inspiration, and abundant Jupiter rules this creative and sensitive zodiac. Jai recommends yellow citrine which helps harness positive energy and allows them to stay true to themselves.