Zodiac signs that are the kinkiest in bed

How high does your Zodiac rank on the kink-o-meter?

26 April, 2024
Zodiac signs that are the kinkiest in bed

When it comes to sex, everyone has a little (or a lot of) kink in them. And just because we are using that word, doesn’t mean we’re implying that everyone has a red room with a sex swing and leather whips. Although you could if you wanted to, we don’t judge. But what we mean is that everyone likes to try new things occasionally and explore the various avenues of pleasure. It could be trying out new positions or indulging in some raunchy role-play, either way, everyone’s kink-o-meter has a different score and you might just be decided by your stars!

We curated a list of the kinkiest Zodiac signs. Read through to know what to expect when you’re in bed with these signs!


Scorpios being at the top of the ‘kinkiest in bed’ list is a no-brainer. They might just be the most intense and sadistic of the Zodiac and that’s what they carry with them into the bedroom (or any other room. With a Scorpio, the less conventional the better TBH). Anyone who has ever been with a Scorpio will tell you that this zodiac enjoys pushing boundaries and taking you to pleasure extremes. This water sign loves to experiment with various positions, toys, and techniques and it’s best to expect the unexpected when you’re in between the sheets with a Scorpio!  


Wearing the silver medal for ‘kinkiest Zodiac sign’ is Sagittarius. People born under this fire sign are known to be adventurous and experimental. However, they are also temperamental and moody. This means that with a Sag, your sex life will never be boring. They are down for most things spicy, risqué, and spontaneous. Even if this means getting hot and heavy in a public place during the wee hours of the morning. Okay, this is just an example but you get the gist, right? 


Gems are often referred to as one of the best communicators in the Zodiac. Not only will they tell you exactly what works for them and how they want it but will also make mental notes of what you want and like. They are a mutable sign which means they love to shake things up and try new things regularly. After all, it is the sign of twins so you can expect nothing short of intense, fast, and very, very naughty.  


The cardinal fire sign, Aries is usually hardcore and hot. When you get into bed with an Aries, you’re in for a ride (most of the time, literally). They like to dominate and take control, and they aren’t subtle about it. This means BDSM techniques, blindfolding, handcuffs, role-playing, and anything else you can think of is on the table. They enjoy sex and they will show you just how much. 


Okay, you might be slightly perplexed to find a sign like Cancer on this list. But rest assured, once they develop an emotional connection with someone, they let their guard down, and are into some very kinky stuff and they aren’t shy about it either. 
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