Zodiac signs that are the best at the cowgirl position

Is your sign a good rider?

26 April, 2024
Zodiac signs that are the best at the cowgirl position

Can we just start by saying that the cowgirl position isn’t everyone’s cup of tea? A lot of people find it uncomfortable, tiring, and just difficult to sustain. And if you subscribe to this opinion, we sincerely hope you find a position that takes you to the edge. However, on the other hand is the sect of people that thoroughly enjoy cowgirl. For them, it’s about taking hold of the reigns and stealing the show. However, your Zodiac has a lot to do with whether you like cowgirl or not. Don’t believe us? Read on to see which signs are master riders!


It shouldn’t come as a shocker that the first sign on this list is Leo, considering they are the queens of the jungle. They get their kinks from being the centre of attention and being in control, and the cowgirl position is all about these. So, saying Leo has mastered the cowgirl position is a pretty safe bet! 


Cancerians are givers in every sense of the word. If they care about you, they will find a way to move mountains to shower you with love and affection. When things start heating up though, their sweet and sensitive side is replaced with an animalistic drive to transport you to a world of pleasure. And cowgirl (sitting up, because they need to feel connected to their partners) is a go-to position that lets them do just that. 


Being a cardinal fire sign, the Rams are one of the boldest and kinkiest of the lot. Generally, the word ‘submissive’ is not in their dictionary. They don’t hesitate to take the lead in the bedroom and the red-hot woman-on-top position comes naturally to them. This firecracker sign will stop at nothing to rock your world!  


Sagittarians are adventurers by nature. These free spirits are all for having a thrilling time, especially during sexy times. For them, it’s more about having fun and expressing themselves than racing towards an orgasm. This is what makes them such excellent riders! 


Virgos are generally known for being business-oriented and can come off as slightly reserved to people who aren’t part of their inner circle. However, once their guards are down and they are comfortable having you in their personal space, things can get very spicy very fast. And the cowgirl position allows them to have fun while still being focused on their goal—the big O!