12 Success Tips Based On Your Zodiac Sign

To get you through the dreaded Monday's




Maybe there's a reason that you don't enjoy working in a closed office space, behind the computer 24/7 or that you don't like flying to a different country every day for yet another business trip. Just thinking about going into work as the weekend closes in, makes us all want to crawl up into a little ball and slide further into the covers.

But as dozens of people have told us before, work should be fun! And damn right it should be.

So here are 12 career tips based on your zodiac sign to put you back on the right path and give you some Monday motivation.


You are natural born leaders–You have the potential of becoming one bad*ss boss because you definitely cannot work for a boss. You are very strong-willed, enthusiastic and competitive, and you can become successful if you finish what you start. We recommend some sporty, outdoorsy careers for you, like– personal trainer or an athlete. But you will also make a kick *ss CEO or an Entrepreneur.


You are grounded and practical, but need some stability which makes you ideal for a workplace environment. You're one of the most hardworking signs, so you'll be more inclined to lead, although you're just as good a team player. You are great with money and financial advice, so we recommend a career in banking or finance. But you also highly value beautiful things so try your hand in the food industry or luxury sales.


You get bored quickly, and you need to be working in a fast-paced environment. You constantly like to be on the move, so jobs requiring travel or social networking are best. You are full of energy, so you need a job that offers you a variety of things, like teaching and communications– or even something like PR or project manager would be an ideal career option for you.


You are literally the mother of zodiac signs and do well in jobs involving nurturing and taking care of others. You also give great advice, so any job that lets you problem-solve is a great one. Although you won't do well in a job where you can't see any results, so make sure you find ways to motivate yourself. We recommend jobs like– childcare workers, social workers, teachers or even a nutritionist/dietician.


You are inspiring, and independent, and love jobs that put you in the spotlight and give you power. You make some of the best bosses once you win over your team, which could take a little work as you can be a bit of high-maintenance. Teaching and politics are the best career options for you, along with jobs involving entertaining others, like– acting, music, movie work etc.


You are compassionate, considerate and easy to get along with, and naturally work well in a team. You're a perfectionist which means you can be really hard on yourself at times, so you need to be reminded by others, not to get lost in the details. We recommend careers in the service and care industry or even something with a lot of research like editor, detective or a fact-checker.


You are social and are amazing at bringing people together, like the mediator in a hectic work environment. You can read and understand others well, so use this to your advantage in the career that you pick. We suggest something in law enforcement, customer service, travel agents, or even a wedding planner!


You have some INTENSE work ethic and work like a laser-beam– focused and without distractions. You need a challenge and get bored with a job that's not hard enough for you. You would be amazing in a surgery room or even as a secret agent. You would also be good in research management and logistics.


You're kinda good at everything when it comes to working! What is wrong with you!? As long as you're not restricted by rules, you can achieve great heights. You're full of energy, you make good decisions, you're a hardworking team player, and inspire others. You also love to travel to learn about everything the world has to offer. So we recommend jobs in the travel industry like, tourism or consulting.


Your ultimate goal is to be at the top, so you are hardworking, committed and ambitious. You are a complete workaholic and have the charisma and enthusiasm to lead a team– you will enforce tight rules and keep everyone on schedule. You will work well in corporate environments with set hierarchies, so you can be focused on climbing the ladder to bigger and better positions. We recommend a career as a manager or administrator. Even engineering and architecture would suit your personality.


You are completely free spirited and will rebel in corporate environments– you need an unconventional job. You have a wacky way of working, and will stand out in a crowd with your hardworking, but out-of-the-box attitude. You need something where you can explore new theories, and new ways of doing something, like science, graphic designing or photography.


You only want to do the best that you can, you aren't bothered about pleasing others. You'll put your heart and soul into your work. And you're happier if you find a job that appeals to your sensitive side. Something involving healthcare is the ideal fit for you– think nurse, doctor, psychologist etc. You also thrive in the arts like dancing and music.

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