This Is How You Can Make Your Partner Feel Loved, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Take notes, people.





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Aries are leaders and assertive go-getters. They love it when their partner provides them opportunities to experience new things and also participates with them actively. Nothing makes them happier than being a leader and taking charge of the situation (and life!). If you can make an Aries feel like they are your priority, they'll be yours for life.


Taureans have an eye for beauty. They care about their partner without expecting anything in return. For a Taurus love can be expressed by just spending time together. A chill-out date with home-cooked food, candles and absolutely nothing else on the agenda would mean a lot to them.


A Gemini's heart flutters for freedom. They crave for a partner who shows interest in their ventures. They are always the once who try to cheer everyone up and love a partner who makes them feel calm and relaxed.


Cancerians loves it when someone makes an effort to show that they care. They want to be verbally reassured and physically shown affection again and again. A sincere expression of love is all they need.


Being ignored is the most difficult thing for a Leo. Subtle hints don't work for them. A bold and loud expression of love makes them feel special. A partner who respects Leo and brings in the humor factor is the one for them.


Virgos are considerate and giving by nature. When people don't reciprocate the feeling they often end up feeling cheated. Tell them they are good enough and you love them for who they are. They love it when their someone simply wants to hangout with them and not when they need to ask for a favor. Love them for who they are.


Libras are born charmers. The usually indecisive sign loves it when their partner holds them accountable for things. It makes a Libra feel valuable and useful. They need a peaceful environment and a gentle and friendly partner. They would find themselves attracted to a person who shows them the beauty in the world.


Scorpios have some serious trust issues. Share your soul with them and prove your loyalty to remove any traces of doubt from their mind. A partner who can make you divert your train of thoughts from obsessing over the smallest issue makes you feel happiest.


Sagittarius needs a reality check often. They want their partner to steer them towards the right thing instead of patronizing their wrongs. Accept their vulnerability and assure them that it's okay to feel weak sometimes. Sagittarius love planning new activities. Try new things and share ideas.


Capricorn won't pour their heart out immediately in a relationship. It would take a lot of coaxing and constant assurance before they would let their guards down. Support their goals and make them laugh. They need someone to accept their honesty and reciprocate it too.


Aquarius look for a friend in their partners. They want their partner to discuss everything with them. This water sign would not compromise when it will be about their freedom and individuality. Encourage Aquarian to speak their heart out and they'll be the best partner you could have ever imagined.


Pisces are often living in their own bubble. They love it when their partner reciprocates the same amount of compassion as them. A sensitive lover who values their dreams and loves them unconditionally is all they need.

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