The Age Old Milk and Banana Combo is Actually NOT Good For You...

...according to nutritionists.




We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet it gets ignored the most. In the rush lifestyle that we lead, some trusty combos that need no prep time are always welcome. One such combo is milk and banana! It's a fulfilling, nutritious alternate brekkie for when we're in a hurry.

According to some nutritionists consumption of banana and milk together slows down the process of digestion. The fruits stay inside your body for longer and when combined with other nutrients, digestion process gets even slower.

The digestion process of carbohydrates is different from that of proteins and starch. When a combination of these foods are consumed, it affects the digestion a lot. It is advised to consume fruits without mixing with any other food item.

When the food takes longer than usual to digest, it gets fermented and produces toxin by-products. It is really difficult to rid get of these toxins.

Banana should be consumed as a snack between meals.