7 Signs You Are Literally Addicted to Facebook

Stop FBing and start living!




Most people use Facebook to connect with friends and family while occasionally sharing photos of themselves with a few status updates. Then there are those who live, breathe and eat FB! Are you obsessed? Let's find out!

1) You Share EVERYTHING.From inspiring quotes, to your failed Tinder date, to shopping for a new pair of shoes, to what you had for lunch, to checking in EVERYWHERE, no small detail can go unshared!

2) You cannot go 10 minutes without checking Facebook. Your phone is glued to your hand all day and if you don't check your feed every few minutes, you come down with a serious case of FOMO.

3) You have over 1000 'friends'...and any new friend request feels like a victory even the classmate you haven't seen since grade school! Yes, I'm SO awesome. Everyone wants to be friends with me.

4) You refresh your feed numerous times.Did I miss anything? I could have sworn I just saw a flash of a picture I missed before.

5) Likes = Life. I can't believe only 4 people liked my gym selfie. I got 30 likes last week! Maybe I should delete and repost?

6) You have literally taken every quiz. Which body parts are your friends? Which are your favorite memories? Who will bail you out of jail? You've taken so many at this stage you have second thoughts about posting them to your wall.

7) And entered every contest. Free night in a local hotel, Beyonce tickets, Starbucks gift card, you name it, you've liked and shared it to enter.