5 Surprising Reasons You May Be Feeling Overwhelmed In Life

especially #4




1) You are doing multiple things at once.
One of the main reasons you may be feeling buried is if you are doing too many things at once. Dividing your time between multiple tasks can be extremely inefficient and make you feel super stressed. Therefore, do your best to focus on one task at a time properly and completely. 

2) You are working a lot more than usual. 
If you are consistently working long hours or juggling multiple jobs, you are likely to feel absolutely exhausted. If possible, cut your hours and make the commitment not to work outside of office hours.

3) You are lacking motivation.
Lacking motivation at a job can prevent you from getting sh*t done and possibly leaving you with a never-ending to-do lists that will make you feel overwrought. Consider switching jobs or find a place where you can be inspired and get stuff done! 

4) You have no help. 
If you find yourself doing a million things throughout the day without any assistance, you may be causing yourself some serious anxiety! Delegate tasks to others and finally move them off of your plate! 

5) You don't take enough time off. 
Always working and not taking time off for your family can friends can leave you feeling super drained! If you want to stop feeling overwhelmed, it is important to give yourself a physical and mental break and just chill!