7 Things You Should Know Before Getting Your First Brazilian Wax

The struggle of being a girl is SO real!




1) It's gonna hurt...a lot. Some parts will hurt more than others.

2) ...but the pain disappears almost instantly. Strangely as soon as you are done, the pain vanishes!

3) You will have to take it all off. You will have to be completely naked down there to get rid of all the hair!

4) ...and feel super uncomfortable. But don't. Your waxer has literally seen it all!

5) The *backside* is pretty painless. All the hurt is in the front, ladies! Butt wax = walk in the park!

6) Dictate how you want the kitty to look. Take it all off? Keep some on? Your waxer will do what you want!

7) You will need to let the hair grow out. In order for the wax to pull the hair from the root, you will need to let the hair down there grow out at least an inch.