We Have A Good News For People Who Are Always Late

Turns out there is a silver lining to constantly getting yelled at by...well ...errrybody!

We all know one person who is always running late, or we just might be that person ourselves. You know, the one who confidently arrives at every party at least an hour late, is always late for work and meetings, and who's favourite phrase in life is "I'll be there in twenty min!"

You might not understand why you are never on time and have the clock constantly working against you , but we're sure your family/ boss/ boyfriend/ friends are constantly fed up with your being late and always telling you what a bad practice it is.

Well, maybe it's time to give them a little fun fact. People who are always late have been scientifically proven to be winners at life.

Thats right! According to a study, people who are always late are successful, creative and optimistic. They also need to be cut some slack as they are usually those who have a lot on their plate. It's their positive outlook to life that makes them think they have more time on their hands then they actually do as well. They are also more likely to succeed in everything they try.

Basically, it's not your fault that you are late. Your brain is just wired differently from everyone else. However, we do suggest you start setting your alarm fifteen minutes earlier everyday while you are winning, just to be safe!