10 Secrets of People Who Live With Anxiety

It's more difficult to deal with then you can imagine.

Anxiety. Most of us know if it as that terrible knot in the stomach that refuses to go away. What you may not know is that anxiety can be a serious emotional and psychological problem, that sometimes can make life almost impossible to deal with.

Before you go dissing your self or your loved one for being too anxious, here are some symptoms people who have anxiety have to face on a daily basis.

1.It's paralysing. Anxiety can leave you unable to take a decision or do what's good for yourself, even when you want to.

2. It feels like the weight of the world on is on your shoulders. You feel suffocated.

3. A person with anxiety can look surprisingly ok on the surface, but is suffering quietly within.

4. You can't just stop worrying. There is no 'on' and 'off' switch.

5. It's totally possible to be a raging extrovert and still have social anxiety.

6. Hearing someone say "You will be fine" does not help.

7. Just because you can't always explain whats making you anxious, does not make the feelings less real or valid.

8. You don't always know why you are feeling anxious.

9. All the logic in the world won't keep your heart from pounding in your chest.

10. Your mind is the enemy. You need your friends and family on your side to fight with you on this.

Sounds scary enough right ? Maybe this will help you understand your problem or that of your loved one. Remember , there is never any shame in seeking professional help when things feel out of control.

Stay happy and stay safe!