What Your Choice of Password Reveals About Your Personality

Using your dad's middle name could explain more about your life then you are aware.

You might find this a little hard to believe, but your choice of password can actually be a window into your soul. According to renowned Psychologist Dr. Helen Petrie, a password can reveal your most spontaneous thoughts and deepest memories, and can be likened to a digital inkblot test. "Passwords tap into things that are just below the surface of consciousness, much the way Rorschach (the good old inkblot) and word association tests do. Dr. Petrie came to this conclusion after analysing more than a thousand secret words and phrases. Intrigued? There is more. According to one school of thought, a password is a liberation of the unconscious mind It creates a safe and secure space to indulge in memories that we hesitate to acknowledge or sometimes even reveal in a conscious way.



Here are some common password choices and what they reveal about your personality. 


1. The names of people important to you



This could include your own name and nickname, family, ex- partner, or even the name of your childhood pet. Such a choice of password reveals that you are a people’s person, and tend to attach sentimental value to your friends, family and lay a strong emphasis on the bonds you build.


2. Random numbers or alphabets




Passwords that are made of a sequence of numbers or even alphabets (think 1234qwerty) indicate that you are a simple, uncomplicated person, and are probably quite busy; hence, you choose something convenient and right in front of you. Such people tend to be practical and refrain from overthinking in general.


3. The name of an athlete, singer, or movie



Choosing something you are passionate about shows you to be a die-hard fan, and someone who considers their interests to be of great importance. Such people are usually extremely driven by what they love, and would consider spending time watching their favorites sport or listening to the music they like as extremely important and sacred. 


4. Having words like 'sexy' or 'stud' in your password




People who include words that may have a sexual connotation in their passwords are usually kinky, adventurous, and have a high sense of self-esteem. These are people who are open to having a good time, and might be willing to try new and risky things in the quest for adventure. They might have been willing to experiment with drugs at some point of their life as well.


5. Having a password that’s impossible to guess


give up

In a recent interview, NSA agent Edward Snowden revealed his choice of password to be 'MargretThacheris100%sexy'. Easy to remember, and impossible to guess. If your choice of password is a random bizarre phase, it could mean you belong to a small 10% elite group of super nerds (we mean that in the best possible way). These people are smart, intelligent, and very difficult to get the better off. They would also make great spies and undercover agents, and are usually very good at keeping secrets.