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What Your Selfie Style Reveals About You

A picture might just be worth a thousand words when it comes to decoding your personality.

You handwriting, your handshake, your email style, the list goes on… pretty much everything you do can be used to provide clues about your personality. And now, it seems, that the humble selfie is also a full of clues about who you are.


A selfie (picture you take of yourself) has gone from being a trend, to a worldwide obsession, to a standard part of our daily lives. No surprises then, that a study done by the British Psychological Society research digest, our selfie style can reveal a lot about our personalities. The research analysed 132 selfies taken from a Chinese micro blogging site according to 13 cues, including whether the individual was making a duck face, how high he or she held the camera, location etc. Though not complete, what this research does suggest is that you show more about yourself in a selfie then you might consciously reveal in casual conversation. In other words, try as you might to present an ideal version of yourself on social media, your personality traits do ultimately shine through. Here’s what your style of selfie reveals to others about your personality. 


1. Tongue Out



People who take with selfies with their tongue out are usually cool, goofy, and comfortable with putting their silly side out there, says Julie Carbray, a PhD in clinical psychiatry ad professor in Chicago, IL. However, it’s also a sign that you may not be comfortable in front of the camera and use these theatrics to hid your nerves.


2. Duck Face 



If this is your signature pose, we might have some not-so-happy news for you. According to new research, people who always put up this type of photo tend to be "neurotic." Wait, what? If this isn't your only go-to selfie, it's NBD, though. It's probably just another way of being funny ( like-Tongue Out) or playing along with a trend, another thing, besides the Lipkit, for which we have Kylie to thank for.


3. The Bathroom Selfie



People who post these pictures are over sharers, and tend to enjoy letting people into their personal space. This rule can also apply to posting pictures from your bed or in your bedroom. If, on the other hand, you tend to stick to posting from public spaces, it means that you are more likely to be introverted.


4. Looking away from the camera




Artsy and a little dreamy? Not really! These side-angle profiles may give your stream a poetic touch, but in reality, they are a sign of photo FOMO. Basically, this pic shows you aren't obsessed with the selfie or social media culture, but you don't want to get left out of the hype. What’s also strange is that other people can sometimes perceive those who strike this pose as argumentative.


5. The fitness or #Fitspo selfie. 



Though they can be perceived as being show-offy or braggy, posting pictures of your fitness journey actually mean that you are a focused, driven person. If these shots are staged however, it can have a negative effect on your self-esteem over time. Our advice? Keep posting the real stuff, and don’t try and project.


6. Below angle pictures



People who prefer this angle are friendly and more agreeable then people who prefer top angled pics. 


7. Positive emotion pictures. 



A smiling, laughing surprised and otherwise #goodvibes only selfie alludes that you are someone means that you are someone who is open to new things, experiences, and like to embrace change.