These 8 Type of Shopping Habits Reveal a Lot About You

Want to get to know someone better? Take them to the mall.

As Carrie Bradshaw once said in Sex and The City, “I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet.” Shopping. Some people love it, some hate it and some are just plain addicted to it. They say that a handshake, the shoes we wear and even our handwriting tend to reveal a lot about us. But now, science says that even the way we approach shopping can help you get insight into your personality. For example, let’s say you consider shopping as retail therapy. You give no qualms as to whether or not you really “need” the product, and if you can afford it. This could suggest that you are an emotional or impulsive shopper, and tend to be the same way in other aspects of your life. Interesting right?



A study done by the Journal of Consumer Research found that consumers fall into two distinctive groups — intuitive shoppers, who prefer only basic information about a product before bagging it, and data-driven buyers who seek full details. It seems that people tend to fall into eight basic categories when it comes to their shopping styles, and these can co-relate to distinctive personality types. Read on to find out what your shopping style reveals about them as a person.


1. The premium shopper: 




You follow trends and you always buy the right brands. If you need shampoo you buy it from your hairdresser, not the supermarket. Your clothes come from more posh high-street stores. Even your cat or dog only eats Royal Canin pet food! This suggests that image is important to you, as are people’s perception of who you are. You tend to invest a lot of time and energy into building the kind of life you have always dreamed of, be it working on your career, home, wardrobe, body, or even your social life.


 2. The methodical shopper:



You follow a process when you shop until you find the perfect product at the right price. This could involve taking the time to visit multiple stores, crosschecking labels and prices till you get what you want. People with such shopping habits are usually meticulous, patient and great at long-term planning and working towards their goals. They also make for levelheaded partners, loyal friends, and good employees.


3. The impatient shopper: 



You find shopping to be a drag. You’re in a hurry and you head to a store only when you need something, approach it with purpose, and pick the first item that more or less meets your requirements. If you want something, you buy it now whether or not you’ve got the ready cash. That’s what credit cards are for — aren’t they? If you identify with this style of shopping, it means that you are a doer, a person of action, and probably quite pragmatic.


4. The loyal shopper: 

brand loyal


You know your favorite shops and that’s where you’ll be found. You’ve signed up for everyday rewards and other loyalty cards, and plan shopping to build up points. Such people are loyal, organised and follow a clear path in their lives, sticking to a plan. They are also good at rationalising and analysing situations and picking what works best for them, be it at work, relationships, or how they spend their leisure time.


5. The thrifty shopper: 



You always get the very best bargain. Sales, deals, and discount schemes are your thing, and you get a special thrill out of securing what you want or need at the best possible price. This usually means that you are a lateral thinker and probably quite good at negotiations and being persuasive. You are also not easily fooled or manipulated by people or situations and like to go for a 'minimum effort-maximum result' approach to life.


6.The online shopper: 



You wouldn’t waste your time going to the shops. It’s quicker, easier, and far more convenient to be shopping online. Such people tend to be modern and move with the times, and are always abreast with the latest trends and technology. A lot of Gen Y and Millennials tend to fall into this category.



7. The list shopper: 



You never buy anything that’s not on your list. If shopping online you like to put goods in your shopping cart and add to wish lists. People who shop like this usually make great leaders. They know how to create a list or a plan and follow it to the T. They are also punctual, good at time management and excellent at planning parties, holidays and events.



8.The hobby shopper: 



You love shopping, almost like a sport or a pastime. You go shopping on the weekends and spend weeknights watching Netflix, whilst browsing online shopping sites on your phone or tablet. Such people are usually impulsive, into instant gratification and also easily distracted. While they might be creative and great at multi-tasking, they do not make for the best partners, employees or the most dependable friends. They are prone to be easily swayed and influenced by the next good thing that comes their way.