These Are the 9 Travel Apps You Need RN

...to have the most hassle-free and perfect vacay ever!  

1. Pack Like a Pro



Depending on your travel needs—length of stay, weather, and activities—the app will customise a packing list as per your gender. Once it’s done, you can add more items to the list and even forward it to fellow travellers.



2. Turn Your Travel Photos Into Postcards



No matter where you’re vacationing, this app lets you send personalised postcards to your friends and family back home. You can choose photos from your Instagram, Facebook, or your phone’s camera roll, pick a card design, write a message, and send it anywhere across the world for a bargain price of $2 in the US and $3 internationally.



3. Find a Travel Buddy


4. Travello

Used by tourists in more than 180 countries, Travello lets you match with like-minded travellers. So, not only can you make a travel buddy on-the-go (and chat with them through the app), but you can also find camping grounds, backpacker hostels, nearby attractions, travel deals, and more.



5. Learn A Language



Travelling to a new country can be a harrowing experience if you don’t know the local lingo, especially when you’re ordering food or asking for directions. Use this app to learn new words in 31 languages, including Mandarin, Hungarian, German, Hindi, and Hebrew. The best part? The user-friendly app is 100 percent visual. It helps you learn words through fun, fast-paced games with mnemonic images, making it easier for you to learn.



6. The Ultimate Travel BFF



This one’s a blessing for frequent travellers. All you have to do is forward your flight, car, and other reservation details to plans@tripit.com. The app then collates all your information in one place and gives you real-time updates. What’s more, it’ll also help you send your travel plans to your calendar or to anyone you choose. Win!



7. Travel Economically



Planning to travel on a budget? Book flights, hotels, and cars at the lowest rate possible through this app. It searches through hundreds of travel sites so that you don’t have to. What’s more, you get mobile-only rates and private deals, helping you save money for food and shopping.



8. Chill At The Airport



Navigating your way through an airport can be a tough task, especially if it’s a huge, multi-terminal one. With FLIO, you can track your flight, scan your boarding pass for details, get access to the lounges, book parking, and avail discounts from restaurants, cafes, and shops. With info on more than 3,000 airports, this one’s sure to make your transit smoother.



9. Make Google your new BFF



Create a Google account and use the Drive feature to store all your vacation photos and videos. This way, you’ll always have space in your mobile phone even if it doesn’t have sufficient internal storage.


Google Maps

In addition to checking routes, getting directions, and receiving live traffic updates, you can also book a cab through Google Maps. If you’re in a new city, you can use the Street View feature to get an idea of where you’re heading.