It Sounds Like Queen Elizabeth Is the Sweetest Great-Grandma to Prince George

She gets him presents all of the time!

  • A source shares that Prince George has a special relationship with his great-grandmother, who you may know as the Queen of England.
  • She apparently leaves him gifts by his bed whenever he says over!

Y'all, I don't know if you've watched The Crown, but it looks like having the royal ruler of England in your family isn't always as amazing as it seems and can be super difficult at times (see: Princess Margret's love life). But you know who seems to only be getting the upsides of being related to Queen Elizabeth? Little Prince George, who is said to be "favored" by his great-grandmother. And tbh, it makes sense—not only is George pretty frickin' adorable, but he's also third in line to the throne.

According to Daily Mail, Queen Elizabeth "goes out of her way to spend time with him"—which is saying something for a woman who is so busy that she missed her other great-grandchild's christening a couple of weeks ago (looking @ you, baby Archie). George reportedly calls the queen "Gan Gan" (so sweet!), and she likes to make him feel welcome whenever he stays over at the palace. A source shares, "the doting Queen takes time to select little presents that she leaves at the foot of George’s bed every time he stays over." Aww, that's such a normal great-grandma thing to do!

royal baby

George and his Gan Gan probably discussing how best to run the UK.

George's sixth birthday is today, so it looks like we can assume that the Queen will also be doing something to celebrate (maybe giving him a larger present?). And ICYMI, Prince William and Kate Middleton took George and his siblings Charlotte and Louis on vacation to Mustique, a private tropical island in the Caribbean, to celebrate the occasion. Casual!