Your Pisces Horoscope For the Month of December 2019

Our in-house astrologer tells you what's in store for your sign✨

Dear Pisces, pleasant and exciting events are on the cards. This month will bring you happy times with new successes.

Learning new skills will come with great ease. You will have a lot of vigour, energy, and your positive attitude will prove to be the key to success.

The position of Mars in your chart will have a positive impact on you. But, you need to be careful as you will be irritable and prone to quarrels. You may work on expanding your knowledge and skills this month even as things slow down in your life after the mid-month.

Financial matters will take an advantageous turn. You will spend money mainly on the other half. You are advised not to invest money in uncertain businesses. You will thank your ingenuity and rich imagination for the money that you earn. Your friend’s advice will prove very helpful so pay heed to him or her.

Singles are not interested in searching for love at this time as they are too busy with learning and work, but they are likely to find a companion unexpectedly and at an odd place.

You are going to enjoy good health in this month of weather changes. Introducing cinnamon and linseed in your diet will add on valuable nutrients that you need this season.