Venus in Scorpio Is Arguably the Sexiest Time of Year

You're either emotionally connecting so much more with your boo or picking up on who has the hots for you.

It’s Libra season, and love is in the air—whenever Saturn and Pluto aren’t raining on everyone’s parade, at least. Venus has been in its fave sign for the past few weeks as well, but on October 8, Venus takes a dip into the murky, intense waters of Scorpio. Hopefully, you’re ready to dive deep into your relationships, because Scorpio energy doesn’t f*ck around. Water signs Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces are having the easiest time with Venus in Scorpio, while fixed signs Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo might have trouble staying afloat.


You’re getting to know each other’s bodies, minds, and feels on a deeper, more soulful level.


Venus represents love, pleasure, and beauty. Scorpio, on the other hand, has obsessive and maaaaybe just-a-little-bit-paranoid energy, so when Venus is in Scorpio, opening up to others isn’t always easy! However, Scorpio is also a very sexual and passionate sign, with unmatched emotional depth. So if you’re already boo’d up, expect to get waaaaay more intimate—and not just in bed, either. You’re getting to know each other’s bodies, minds, and feels on a deeper, more soulful level.

If you’re single AF, you won’t approach someone new until you’re absolutely positive they’re interested in you, too. Luckily, your intuition is heightened a ton right now, so if you have a gut feeling that hottie at the bar is totally into you, you’re probs right. Just throw casual hookups out the window for now, because you're not in the mood to catch major feels if they're unrequited.

Scorpio energy is about nothing but the genuine truth. Right now, you’re digging down deep into your subconscious habits, feelings, and urges (the good and the bad) that play out in your love life. Likewise, any shady parts of your relationship like jealousy, hiding secrets, or even infidelity (eek!) are coming out now, too. Keep your life as easy as possible and be totally upfront with your boo, and you’re all good. Everything’s coming out—whether you’re ready or not. If you’re struggling with a situationship, and you’re ready to define the relationship, open up to the other person. As long as you keep it 💯 with them, they’ll do the same for you. Starting a LTR right now isn’t unlikely, because your feelings are soooo strong with this Scorpio transit.

The next few weeks of Venus in Scorpio are gonna be an intense time—and with Scorpio season coming up in a couple of weeks, life’s getting more and more emotional by the minute! Whether you’re in love, crushing hard, or just hooking up, you're becoming entangled with that person and both of you go through a transformation. It might be BIG, or can impact you on a subconscious level that you barely notice. By the end of it all, you might feel like you’re a totally different person or your relationship has changed entirely! This isn’t bad or good, it just is what it is. That being said, at the end of the day there is a silver lining that anyone can enjoy—and that’s some absolutely incred sex.

Read your Sun/Rising sign horoscope below:


You’re more of the hit-it-and-quit-it type, but Venus in Scorpio has even you wanting to turn your FWB into your full-time lover! Feelings are running high, your sex drive is running even higher, and a fun extra perk is that Venus in Scorpio might just get you a surprise bonus on your next paycheck!


Your chart’s relationships zone is being lit up right now, so it goes without saying that your love life is definitely seeing a ton of action right now. Expect hella right swipes, a ton of cuties sliding into your DMs–the whole shebang. Enjoy it!


Venus’ vibes are heating up your charts zone of health and work. This means you’re getting to know your coworkers better (and maybe even crushing hard on one) and it’s prime time for a spa treatment, massage, or any other type of self-care.


You and Scorpio have a lot in common—you’re both pretty cautious when it comes to making the first move in love. Luckily, Venus is helping you out big time right now, and you’re feeling confident, flirtier than ever, and eager to bone! You’re not guaranteed to meet the LOYL or anything, but you will start to have way better luck in approaching people!


You’re deeeeeep in your feels with this Scorpio transit, Leo. Right now, you want nothing more than a deep, spiritual connection with someone else. You’re more introverted now, too, and the family is taking up way more time in your life, but inviting someone over for a good ol' fashioned Netflix and Chill sesh (where you really just end up talking for five hours and boning in between) isn’t a bad idea, TBH!


You got 99 problems, and all of them are potential lovers! Tinder notifications are blowing up your phone, there’s always someone asking for your number at the bar, and you feel like you’re struggling to juggle all of the hotties hitting you up! It’s a little crazy, yeah, but that’s what makes it so fun!


Just because Venus left your sign doesn’t mean your love life is ending! You’re still bagging thotties left and right (because when are you not, TBH) but work is becoming a little more of a priority. Hey, don’t stress—it just means you’re getting more money to blow on your next date!


It’s all about you! Libra season’s been a bit of a shit show for your sign, but at least now your love life is back to functioning! You’re feeling good, looking fly AF, and no one can keep their eyes off of you!


Welp, your love life is slowing down, because Venus is in your chart’s zone of loneliness now. Old partners might come back around, the worst of the worst in your current relationship is coming out, and the next few weeks are all about pinpointing the baggage and what needs to GTFO of your love life. Take out the trash, clear out some space, and by the time Venus is in your sign, life’s good again!


For the most part, Venus in Scorpio is helping you solidify your circle of closest friends and pick who you want most in your squad. Your social life is bumpin’, you’re making more connections than you can keep track of, and it’s not totally unrealistic to think that your friend you’ve been crushing on can become your boo!


Your relationship on the job is being focused on the most right now, specifically with your boss–you've been working hard, and it's paying off! Now’s the time to ask for that raise, get that promotion, and really step it up in the professional realm! Get that bread!


People from all over—different cities, states, even countries—are pouring down into your life right now. You’re learning a ton from each new connection, whether it’s just about their different way of life, or changing up your idea of who your “type” is, or maybe just some crazy new ways to get off. Just don’t expect any of these new hotties to be permanent, though.

Jake Register (better known by his Instagram handle, @jakesastrology) is a Libra and the author of Cosmopolitan’s weekly Sexoscopes.