Your Horoscope for the Week of November 10

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.

Make a wish! Monday’s November 11 (11/11) is perfect for staring our desires. Set an alarm for 11:11 AM/PM on Monday and announce your vision! The next day's Full Moon in Taurus helps us focus on taking small, practical, cumulative steps towards those dreams. The Moon in Cancer is the star of the weekend, making our emotionality and need for safety take centre stage.


Call your emotional bodyguard, Ram! The Full Moon in Taurus on Tuesday wants you to define your needs for safety, sensuality, and financial freedom. Take deliberate steps towards a life that keeps your actions grounded and savings account padded. A Cancer Moon this weekend inspires you to relax, stay indoors, and experience the joy of missing out.



It’s all about you this week, Taurus! Your annual Full Moon is on Tuesday, which motivates you to let the best of your sign come through; your tenacity, beauty, loyalty, and love. Be all you and be all in! A curious and communicative Cancer Moon this weekend helps you use your words and listen more thoughtfully to what you really need to hear.



Let it go, Gemini. Tuesday’s Full Moon in Taurus is your most powerful opportunity for closure, completion, and releasing what doesn’t serve you. Initiate the change and follow through. A grounding Cancer Moon this weekend is perfect for self-care after a potentially tough week.



Hit up your squad, Cancer! A friendly Taurus Full Moon in Taurus on Tuesday motivates you to go deeper in your friendships and reunite with your ride-or-dies. Schedule a last-min get together and celebrate each other. This weekend’s Cancer Moon lets your natural energies of compassion and empathy really shine, so use it to grow closer with your besties!



Your name’s in lights, Leo! A Full Moon in Taurus on Tuesday gives your career a massive boost and promises a powerful professional transition. Stay focused, clear on your values, and committed to your dreams! A sensitive weekend arrives under the Cancer Moon, so do what you need to do in order to protect your feels.



Bon voyage, Virgo! Tuesday’s Full Moon in Taurus expands your academic horizons and might push you to get a few future visa stamps in your passport. Go far outside your comfort zone when planning your next trip or educational experience. A social Cancer Moon this weekend inspires you to reconnect with and appreciate old friends.



Turn up the heat, Libra! A sexy Full Moon in Taurus on Tuesday electrifies the air with intimacy, chemistry, and deep connections. Pursue sexual desires with trustworthy partners. You’ll get a head start on the week ahead, thanks to this weekend’s productive Cancer Moon. You’ll slash that to-do list like nobody’s business!



Enjoying your season, Scorpio? Tuesday’s Taurus Full Moon invites a new partner, deepens a current relationship, or results in a breakup. A major romantic turning point is on its way. May it be what you wish for! Take a mini-getaway this weekend and go exploring new horizons under the adventurous Cancer Moon.



The doctor will see you now, Sag! A Full Moon in Taurus on Tuesday in your health sector inspires you to take a more honest and responsible approach to your wellness. An intimate Cancer Moon this weekend makes your sex drive even higher than usual so follow your desires with partners you feel safe with.



Have courage, Capricorn! A Full Moon in Taurus this Tuesday motivates you to choose courage over comfort. Speak your heart’s story to someone who needs to hear it. Date night this weekend? A romantic Cancer Moon exudes opposites-attract chemistry and energy of compromise, negotiation, and harmony.



Happy homecoming, Aquarius! Tuesday’s Full Moon in Taurus motivates you to know and find where and with whom you feel most at home with. Check-in with your feels in your space and catch up with your fam. An organizing Cancer Moon this weekend inspires proactive efficiency and preparation for success in the week ahead.



Use your words, Pisces! A powerful Full Moon in Taurus on Tuesday strengthens your ability to verbally communicate, ask questions, and listen for helpful details. A fun, flirty Cancer Moon this weekend inspires you to express yourself more authentically and confidently. Don’t be scared–say what you need to say!