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Like the Pantone Colour of the Year? Here's How You Should Style Your Space ‘Blue’

As told to us by interior experts

Ms. Anuradha Aggarwal, Creative Director of OLIVES CRE:

Colours are a form of non-verbal communication. Each colour leaves a unique impact on one's psychology; different colours give rise to different moods and emotions. Classic blue, suggestive of the endless evening sky, sits like a cool hue on the colour wheel. While picking up a classic blue palette, one should keep in mind the purpose, theme and colour scheme of the space. There are endless ways of introducing classic blue to your home. It can find its way as a painted cabinet or a blue bookshelf in the living room. Needless to say that this colour looks good with shades of white, pastel greens, soft pink, orange. It will look good as a wallpaper, cushions, pillows or throws. Classic blue can set the tone for Pop interiors and can be the focal point of space as an artwork. 


Ms. Bhawana Bhatnagar, Interior Stylist, Founder of Casa Exotique:

Indeed, there is nothing more exciting than incorporating bold and vibrant colours that strike a balance between genre and period to create energy. Such spaces preserve memories and enrich the senses of everyone entering there. And Pantone Colour of the year - Classic Blue curate this liveliness perfectly. Moreover, one can embrace the Classic Blue hue either by panting the walls, placing design pieces such as crockery or vase, or textiles like curtains or cushions which create an appealing interior design. One can layer up the room with different textures in a similar hue to grab the attention and can be a perfect way to style in various ways without using too many colours.


Rishabh Sarpal, Conceptualise Interior Designer, Founder of Rishabh Sarpal Atelier: 

As we unroll to the latest trend, our home should also be! The increasing likes of Pantone Colour of the Year are further taking its steps into the living space. This tranquil shade is not only subtle and elegant, but also exudes an uplifting mood, and therefore can immerse easily in a homely environment. Styling one’s personal space by engulfing the Classic Blue furniture with the well-curated knick-knacks of the house, for instance, a large piece of furniture, such as a statement couch covered with red and golden cushions will translate the versatility and sophistication of this palette. However, it is important to apply it as per a perfect colour scheme and interior plan.