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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Shapewear

The instant slimming trick you need to master

Summer is here and it’s time to wear all those outfits you have been eyeing for long…the off-shoulders, mini dresses, crop tops and short skirts. However, does the thought of the lockdown bulges peeping through, make you wish you were a turtle that could hide under a shell? Well, though a workout plan is a good idea, it will not happen overnight. 
A quick fix is getting the right shapewear. It will tighten the tum or smoothen the derriere in an instant. Yes, celebrities wear it too! And with more brands coming into the shapewear space there are more options in terms of size, fabric and fit. 
Choosing the right shapewear could be a little tricky. So here’s a guide to choose the best for your body. 

Pick your size
Whoever told you a size smaller could make you look much slimmer didnt have your best intentions on mind. Avoid doing that. The wrong size will only form unseemly bulges and cause discomfort. The best way to choose your size is to try out the shapewear in a store and check out the results. 

Keep in mind your problem areas
There are different types of shapewear that serve myriad purposes. You need to decide whether you want to flatten the tummy, smoothen the derriere or tone flabby thighs, there’s a shapewear for each one of these. 

To flatten your tummy go for high rise briefs that go all the way up till your boobs.


For flabby thighs select a thigh shaper. “They are worn like shorts and are very convenient. They firm up the thighs and the waist too,” says Kiruba Devi, category head at


If you want coverage across the whole torso and boobs go for shaping camis. “Shaping camis defines your upper body and provide compression at the right spots. They cover bust, waist, sides and tummy” says Devi. 


If you want all over support, opt for body shaper slips with padded cups. These are ideal to be worn under bodycon dresses. It not only cinches the waist but also makes your thighs and derriere look shapely. 


Choose fabric wisely
If you need to smoothen lines and aren’t really looking for figure transformation then go for a lightweight shaper meant for medium constriction. Keep in mind, the higher the nylon content, the more a garment will alter your shape. Heavier pieces with higher nylon content come with compression zones that tuck your body into shape. 

Also do not rule out the weather. In summer months, look out for summer shapewear that are made of cotton blends and microfibers that take care of breathability and odour. The regular shapers made of spandex and nylon, don’t allow the body to breathe and you tend to sweat. 

Pick the right colour
It’s easy to get tempted by the bright colours on display at the stores. Do keep in mind that you will be wearing your shapewear underneath your clothes. So anything in nude or skin colour works the best.