What is Love? According to 15-Year-Olds

"In a world where everyone is wearing masks, love is that one relationship that is mask-less, where it is just you and the other person."

What is love? Does it begin with friendship? Is it permanent or temporary?

In everyone's life there comes a point where one wonders what love truly is. The meaning of love is subjective, ever-changing. While a 5-year-old love may experience love when he gets an extra candy bar from his mother, a 55-year-old may find love in comfort and companionship with his spouse. There isn't really any way to pin-point what love exactly signifies. It simply means different things to different people!

To delve deeper into the definition of love, we asked a bunch of 15-year-olds to share with us what love actually means to them. Here is how they described 'love'.

"For me love is when you can trust a person just like you trust your family. Its when doing something for that person never feels like a burden, and when their happiness is your happiness." ~ Lakshitaa Kohli 

"Love is a relationship which makes me feel secure, understood, and important. Its that one person who’s just mine, who’s gonna stick by me through all the highs and lows, and someone with whom my equation won’t change, ever." ~ Vanshika Toshniwal 

"For me its not all about grand gestures and expensive gifts. Love is the only thing that can make you cry and smile at the same time! When you forget about your problems, when you hear them laugh." ~ Nalin Singh 

"In the current world where everyone is wearing masks, love is that one relationship that is mask-less, where it is just you and the other person." ~ Pranati Arora

"For me love is comfort and support, where you both can do your thing without feeling burdened to meet each other’s expectations, and have full support of one another." ~Ariha Gupta 

"Love is when you meet someone in-front of whom you can’t keep that wall of yours up anymore, no matter how much you try." ~ Piya Paul 

"For me love is selfless. When you feel happy doing things for other people. Kind of a you jump-I jump situation." ~ Kaira Arora

"According to me love is freedom. Kind of when you can make a hideous bun, take a fake mike, and sing with another person without a care in the world." ~ Keya Dewan 

"Love is a safe haven, when after putting up with the whole world, you’re home and at-peace with that one person." ~ Saumya Agarwal 

"Love is stability, a home-like feeling. That one person is your go-to person for anything and everything." ~ Kashish Wasal