3 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Commit in a Relationship

Sometimes love is not enough to make relationships work. Millennial marriage coach Leena Paranjpe shares what you REALLY need to know about your partner before you get serious in a relationship.     

When it comes to romance, love is the spark that ignites your relationship but many a times is not enough to sustain it. Remember when Maroon 5 crooned - It's not always rainbows and butterflies. it's compromise that moves us along ?

Well, turns out they are absolutely right. Whether it is parental or peer pressure, the societal norms about being the 'right age' or just the fact that you think you found 'The One' — whatever is your reason to commit to someone, it is a good idea to step back and take a good look at your relationship. Millennial marriage coach, speaker and author Leena Paranjpe agrees. Having spent more than two decades coaching people experience the real side of matrimony, she says, "In India, marriage counseling and especially couple counseling fails because one of the partners wants to save the relationship, whereas the other doesn’t."

how to fall in love

So, here is her check list to ponder over before you commit or say 'I do':

Check emotional compatibility

Being on the same emotional wavelength is more than liking the same movies or having the same hobbies. It's about how in sync are your reactions to difficult social emotions...more importantly, are you able to come to a compromise as a couple when faced with differing opinions in the said situation.

Courage check

"Before getting married, the partners should be prepared for different situations and should know how they will deal with them, if and when they come. The couples should show courage to take responsibility," says Leena. 

Freedom in twos

"In marriage or a committed relationship, independence should be kept aside. It's always the interdependence which works," she says.