8 Simple Things That Will Help You Worry Less and Be Happy

Expert-approved tips to beat stress and anxiety  

Staying stress-free in the current situation isn’t easy. However making a few changes to your lifestyle could help lift the burden off your mind. Shalini Kochhar, best-selling author, happiness designer and X factor coach, describes anxiety as “a response to a threat in a situation, when we feel that we may not be able to cope with the demands--physical or emotional, personal or professional.” She explains,  “I would say stress is usually due to external causes and anxiety is a reaction to the stress. However, anxiety is more internal as it involves feelings of apprehension”. Shalini, who helps people deal with stress and anxiety on a day-to-day basis, suggests some effective ways to curb them.

1. Start your day with some workout

It is scientifically proven that physical activity generates the happy hormones-endorphins. “Your first hour after waking up determines the rest of your day. So begin with some exercises. When your body moves, your mind grooves,“ says Shalini. 

beat stress

2. If you look good you feel good

So Shalini suggests you get up and dress up. Even if you aren’t going to an office at the moment. Staying underdressed in your pyjamas wouldn’t do any good to your mood. “You must always have a schedule. Like they say if you want something done give it to a busy person!” says Shalini. 

3. Pick up a hobby

Things that you can do outside of your work schedule are called “Soul Stirrers”.  Shalini, emphasises that you take up one hobby like singing, dancing, skipping or yoga—simple things which you had always wanted to do but couldn’t due to dearth of time. 

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4. Exercise your mind 

When your mind is working or involved in something, there’s no space for any negative feeling. “Do planned things like de-clutter your phone of unnecessary photos and messages, cleanse your mail box and organise your drawers and cupboards. This is a therapeutic experience,” says Shalini. 

5. Keep dreaming and visualising

Make a list of friends that stimulate and inspire you, talk to them, stay connected with them. Make plans with them, for instance plan a trip, this will motivate and make you look forward to something. Write about your travel experiences, revisiting them will always brings a smile. “The impulse to dream is taken away by life’s situations and we start operating in parameters that have been set for us. Break that barrier, keep dreaming  and visualising,” adds Shalini. 

6. Do some positive self talk

 This is a magic trick to help you feel good about yourself. Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself, “I am wonderful and I am grateful for my life. Life supports me in every possible way. The mirror technique never fails,” advises Shalini. 

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7. Spend time with family

Though we are all locked down at home with family but funnily we stay busy doing our things or being on the phone or laptop. Shalini suggests, you keep “prime time” in the evening for family. You will look forward to it everyday.

8. Set a “happy hour” for yourself

The “happy hour” should include something that makes you happy. A skin regime, a massage, reading, or watching a series or movie, playing with your kids, playing with a pet, online gaming, gardening or just sit back with a glass of wine and your favourite music!

beat stress

“Give yourself that happy hour everyday. Not a planned agenda but just what your heart desires and leaves you feeling happy,” advises Shalini.