National Chai Day: Find Out Which Tea to Sip On to Improve Your Mood

Jasmine tea to calm you down or the spicy, gingery blend of masala chai to boost your creativity, nutritionist Payal Rangar shares which tea to brew based on your mood.

For a chai-lover, here are very few things that a good cup of tea cannot solve. Turns out that it may be actually true.

Many studies have shown that tea have a huge effect on your health and may even reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and eye diseases. But did you know that different tea brews can help you deal with your many mood swings too? Nutritionist Payal Rangar agrees.

She says, "A cup of tea can heal, energize, stimulate and uplift. It's like our very own magic potion. Tea has many essentials that your body needs to stay healthy such as Vitamin C, antioxidants, polyphenols and trace minerals. Certain teas and flavours like peppermint, chamomile, rooibos and other common flavours can help alleviate nausea, boost immune system and refresh the body.  While the many health benefits of tea are widely accepted and known, it is the little known influences that tea has on our moods that make this concoction so special. Different breed have different impact on your mood."

So, here are her picks of tea to suit your every mood: 

The Happy Tea 

"When you are feeling down brew a cup of citrus blend tea. Citrus teas are beneficial to boost your mood and bring a smile to your face. So, when the world is pulling you down, add a slice of orange or lemon to your tea brew and enjoy!"  

Wake-me-up tea 

"Black tea is a perfect replacement for coffee when you want a perky boost.  The tea will invigorate your senses and make your brain work on high gear right away."  

The Sleep tea 

"If insomnia is bothering you, defeat it with the cup of chamomile tea. It will relax your senses and reduce your stress and anxiety. To make the tea more effective, add a little lavender flavour and let its aromatherapeutic qualities kick into gear."  

Mood enhancer tea 

"When you are angry or upset or just need a mood enhancer turn to a perfectly brewed Indian masala chai. The spicy, sweet aromatic tea contains all the necessary herbs and spices such as ginger, cardamom etc that are known to promote positivity and secrete wonderful hormones like serotonin. Its depth and flavour will transport you to a happy calm place and everything will be right with the world again."  

Calming tea 

"When you are anxious and worried, let a cup of jasmine tea come to your rescue. Inhaling the fragrance will reduce your heart rate and have a sedative effect. You can otherwise have white tea, a comparatively lighter tea that has herbal benefits."  

From sickness to good health tea 

"Mint is a wonderful thing to have when you are feeling under the weather. Whether you have a cold or an upset tummy, you can try a mixture of peppermint leaves and spearmint leaves to soothe your respiratory system or your digestive system." 

Creative tea 

"A stimulating tea would be perfect for when you are in the mood to create some art, music or anything else. To get those creative flames burning brighter, try chai tea blend with spices like ginger, cinnamon cardamom, anise, fennel and black peppercorn."