Best Ways to Store and Organise Your Lingerie

Expert-approved tips to make your delicate lingerie last longer 

The best way to make your lingerie last longer is by storing them properly. However, a hectic lifestyle and limited space leaves us with no time to consider this essential yet seemingly mundane task. Lingerie storing can be tricky sometimes. How do you store your bras? Where should you keep your underwear? Should they be folded or rolled? How should you keep your Baby Dolls and other delicates? To sort out your doubts and lingerie we get Manab Hembram, Creative Director, Design, Zivame to share useful tips.

Separate the junk

Girls, we know this all too well! We love hanging on to old bras for sentimental reasons. It’s ok to admit it! Some just don’t fit us anymore, some may have lost their colour or shape. “So, the first step is to separate the Lingerie that you have not worn in the past year,” advises Manab. Donate the ones that have never been worn (if your friends are ready to accept it). Keep them aside. The rest can be discarded or recycled.  



Now that you are left with Lingerie you wear every day or on special occasions, it’s time to organise! “Group your Bras either by colour or style. For example, bras with moulded cups can be kept together, minimisers can be grouped together and so on,” says Manab.

Store your moulded bras in a drawer, placing them one after the other like they are spooning. Keep in mind that your bras are not turned inside-out else they will lose their shape. For other non-moulded Bras and underwear, you can get your hands on an inner-wear organiser for your drawer (it has sections) and simply roll your belongings and store them easily. If you don’t have a drawer, you can also use a fabric-lined basket (no snagging) for storage. Simply fold your inner-wear and stack them in a way that all your belongings are visible in one go.

 storing lingerie

This is a great way of storing your items as you get a bird’s eye view of your collection at once. The inner-wear organiser also helps you avoid messing up a folded pile while grabbing one on the go. In the end, place a scented sachet or some dried flowers like lavender to keep your lingerie section smelling fresh. 

If you have enough closet space, consider using a non-slip hanger with extra slots for strappy lingerie, babydolls and body shapers. You can even get a skirt hanger with clasps for storing strapless bras.

A bonus tip 

Lingerie can make or break your outfit. So it is important to always  pair it right. "It is always a good idea to store your lingerie with matching outfits. For instance, keep your back bra with a matching backless or low back dress, you save time and just like that your outfit gets a instant facelift!" concludes Manab.