5 Fitness Experts Share The One Exercise They Swear By

High-intensity burpees for the perfect booty to planks for washboard abs and suryanamaskar for a complete body workout — check out the exercises that fitness experts vouch for!

Have you had days when you ABSOLUTELY cannot bring yourself to work out? Well, here's help for *those* days. Five fitness expert tell Cosmo the one exercise they swear by that helps them keep up their fitness levels: 

Mayuri Punjabi, holistic health coach and founder of MyEurekaLife

Mayuri Punjabi

Image: Ameer KB

"I am a certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher, and I swear by it. It’s a beautiful, intense workout that teaches you to control your mind by learning to control your breath. Every movement is synced with your breath and brings you into the present moment. Ashtanga Yoga is so much more than physical exercise. It’s intense, but also has a spiritual component that is unbelievably grounding, emotionally and mentally." 

Zoe Modgill, fitness instructor and founder Studio 60

zoe modgill

"When you absolutely don’t want to work out but want to remain active you are better off getting your heart rate up by doing some sort of cardio activity. For instance, marching on the spot or just climbing a flight of stairs. So, brisk walking in your balcony, jumping rope, I would definitely recommend cardio, and if I had to pick an exercise, I would say lunges are really good."

Shalini Bhargava, fitness consultant and director at JG's Fitness Centre

Shalini Bhargava

"Burpees! It is a great aerobic and full-body compound exercise that uses most of the major muscles in the body. When you perform burpees, you will end up working pretty much each and every major muscle, and will also burn more calories in less interval of time. Plus,  you also get the after-burn! They also improve your aerobic and non-aerobic power and boost your metabolism." 

Manisha Chopra, nutritionist and fitness expert 

"My favourite exercise is the plank. It can be done anywhere and all you need is a mat. Plank is a great exercise to work your entire core. Also, when in the plank positions, you will notice that your biceps, neck, and shoulder muscles as well as thigh muscles also get a good workout! This exercise strengthens your spine which naturally results in a strong posture."

Priya Prakash, nutrition coach and co-founder of Naturally Yours

"I strongly believe in the numerous benefits of suryanamaskar. According to yoga experts, doing 12 reps of suryanamaskar early in the morning supports healthy blood circulation, aids in losing extra fat around the waist, strengthens the back….the list of pros is just endless!"