5 Annoying Questions a Fitness Expert Wishes People Would Stop Asking Their Trainers

"How many crunches should I do in a day to make my stomach flat?" 

Workout regimes are just like your favourite bodycon dress - one size definitely does not fit all. 

So, if a vigorous Tabata workout is doing wonders for your friend but makes you feel tired and cranky, you need a fitness intervention! Remember the best workout and diet is the one that does not feel like a chore and is sustainable. Holistic health coach and founder of MyEurekaLife, Mayuri Punjabi, shares and answers some of the most-asked fitness questions:

How much weight do you guarantee I can lose over the 12 and 24-week programs?

"I cannot guarantee exact figures as every single body is so different, with its own specific bio-individual needs and underlying conditions. There is no predictable pattern to weight loss; most of my clients lose consistently throughout, some start slow and speed up, others start fast, slow down and then pick up speed again." 

Is it Keto or Paleo or Ayurvedic? 

"When people categorise, they forget that they are unique and have their own bio-individual needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to health and wellness." 

How are you going to make me lose weight if you’ve never met me? 

"I have worked with over 400 clients as a holistic health coach based in Hong Kong, and have not met with any of them for in-person sessions. It’s something that allows me to work with individuals worldwide and remain accessible." 

I heard jaggery (gur) and honey are healthy, why can’t I use them? 

"Jaggery and honey are still sugar. They both break down into glucose molecules, and would almost be equivalent to eating a tablespoon of sugar. Jaggery, in particular, takes time to be absorbed, raises blood sugar levels and will inevitably break down into glucose and fructose. Biochemically, it’s the same as any other form of sugar and is just as harmful."

Plan my meals/calorie intake for me and tell me exactly what to do for the 12 to 24 weeks.

"When working with clients, I do not give them complex meal plans, nor do I implement portion control or calorie counting, but rather I educate them on their bodies using a holistic framework that encapsulates mind and body. I believe weight loss is not only about what you consume, it’s also about how you consume it, what you consume it with and when you consume it. It’s about eating balanced, nutrient-dense foods that suit your palate and nourish you. I don’t give complex, quantity-restricted meal plans, but rather, I give you the guidelines. You are then able to fill it in according to your taste, with ease. In this way, my clients can eat out, travel, cook a gourmet meal, or put something simple together in minutes - It’s sustainable!"