An Astrologer Wants You to Know *This* About the Coronavirus Second Wave

Celebrity astrologer and prophesier Pandit Jagannath Guruji shares what the recent spike in Covid-19 actually means...

"In September 2020, Covid-19 pandemic touched its peak in India with more than 97,000 new cases being reported in a day. Following this, the tally gradually went down to over 9,000 new cases in February 2021 and the administering of vaccines added to the hopes that everything would be normal once again," says Pandit Jagannath Guruji, celebrity astrologer and prophesier. 

However, with the recent spike in cases and curfews being imposed in various parts of the country, many believe that the second wave of Covid-19 is well underway. So, can we expect a repeat of the year 2020 with the nationwide lockdown and low morales? 

Well, Pandit Jagannath says, "Astrology combined with an understanding of the period that went by, suggests is that the second wave is here to stay. However, there is little reason to panic as this surge is not likely to be stronger than the previous one. While we might see a spike in the number of active cases, the fatality is expected to be less this time around."

He adds that while most of the cases in the second wave are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms, those with compromised immunity must continue to minimize their movement and follow all social distancing norms strictly despite getting vaccinated. As a matter of fact, the same is being suggested by medical experts around the globe.

So, does that mean there might not be a complete lockdown in the distant future? Weel, he says, "As far as the situation in India is concerned, there is hardly any possibility of the return of a rigorous country-wide lockdown, though some regions might witness lockdown-like situations. For instance, the partial lockdown as seen in Maharashtra where active cases are on a rapid surge might be seen in some other parts of the country too. A panoramic view of the prevailing situation suggests that efforts by central and state governments and other authorities are in the right direction that would yield favourable results."

He also suggests that it may be a while before the virus is completely eradicated and life as we knew it goes back to normal.  

"The effect of the second wave is expected to be felt till the end of August 2021. Incidentally, in August 2020 I had mentioned that as per Veera Bhramendra Rishi in ancient literature and astrological calculations, the world would return to normalcy by August end. Lest we forget, it’s not that the virus will vanish after the period, but definitely, its strength would be much less and most people across the world would be vaccinated. The novel virus and its mutated variants will stay till at least the first half of 2024," he concludes.