7 Zodiac Signs That Are Most Misunderstood in Love

Fiercely independent Aquarians, painfully blunt Leos or naughty-in-love Librans, check out the zodiac signs who are often misunderstood in a romantic relationship. 

When it comes to getting serious in a relationship, everyone has their own take on taking things slow or moving in too fast.

"We all love the sense of togetherness in a relationship, but not all of us are willing to give it all our heart and soul. In other words, there are many who refrain from giving commitment and the idea of going all out in love intimidates them. Whether or not someone is commitment phobic depends a great deal on their zodiac sign," says astrologer and prophesier Pandit Jagannath Guruji.

Here is his pick of seven zodiac signs that are most misunderstood in love:  


Aries have a bold personality and the same gets reflected when they are in a relationship. They do not mince their words, they are extroverts and try to keep their relationship strong. However, commitment can be a tricky issue for them. They might take you to a delightful dinner date or even a trip when it’s proposal time, but sadly that is expected to come later than sooner.


While Virgos remain grounded, they might be often misunderstood for being self-centred. They are pretty emotional and never shy away from expressing their love. When it comes to a serious relationship, you may lose them since they like to keep things simple and not overcomplicate things. This does not entail that there’s any lack of feeling on their part in a relationship.


While Geminis are notorious for being loving and caring in their personal relationships, they shy away from actually making a commitment. They are great planners and always want their actions to follow a proper line of action. It might be that because of this attribute they avoid any commitment in the initial stages of a relationship.


Leos are bold and straight talkers as well as great lovers! However, they are still among the zodiac signs with commitment phobia. So, if you have a Leo partner, the best idea would be to pen your thoughts for him or her in an old-fashioned love letter.


Sagittarians usually expect a lot from their loved ones and can be easily won over with love. They often tend to get into a relationship with a long-time friend. Yet again, they do not believe much in making a commitment because they love their personal freedom a tad bit too much.


Naughty and flirtatious Librans are quite romantic in their relationships but often fall short before making a commitment. Since they are all about love, beauty and keeping the peace, it would be best to honestly talk to them about their views about getting serious in a relationship.


The Aquarians usually follow their intuition when it comes to taking any decision, including commitment in a relationship. While they are easy going and simple, they are not really comfortable with talks of commitment. That is mostly because they are quite independent and are all about giving and keeping their own space in a relationship.