5 Foods to Consume Before And After Taking COVID-19 Vaccination

Health coach to Virat Kohli and the Indian women cricket team, celebrity nutritionist Ryan Fernando shares *exactly* what to eat before getting the coronavirus vaccination.

As the Coronavirus vaccine registrations for all above 18 years of age begin, the country enters the third phase of the vaccination drive against the dreaded Coronavirus. 

While there have been many initial apprehensions about the vaccine, it is becoming clearer that getting vaccinated, double-masking and social distancing are our only lines of defence against the virus.  So, Ryan Fernando, celebrity nutritionist and founder QUA Nutrition tells Cosmo how to create a bespoke diet to ready yourself for the vaccine. 




A natural anti-inflammatory, turmeric, is a great addition to your diet for its stress-busting properties. This can come in handy especially before getting your vaccination. You can mix it with milk or in your food preparation to reap its benefits.



Garlic can be a powerful tool to ensure optimum gut health. Many studies have shown that garlic can prove effective to reduce cholesterol and also contains cancer-preventing nutrients.



A go-to ingredient for recipes that are often had when you feel sick, ginger can prevent ongoing illnesses such as hypertension, coronary illness, and lungs infections. It is also potent as a stress-buster making a cup of ginger tea the perfect pre-vaccination snack. 

Green Vegetables

green veggies

A must-have in a healthy diet plan, green, leafy vegetables containing many nutrients such as calcium and iron that increase your immunity. 

Fresh Fruits

fresh fruits

You may have often heard about 'eating the rainbow' when it comes to a healthy diet. That is because these colourful fresh fruits contain a vast amount of nutrients and fibre that are essential to healthy living. 




Loaded with Phyto flavinoids, potassium and Vitamin C, blueberries are noted for significantly increasing serotonin levels, a key hormone that is essential to stabilizing your mood and feeling of wellness.

Chicken/Vegetables Broth Soup


The gut and digestive system play an important role in your well-being. So, to build immunity it is important to take care of your gut with easy-on-the-stomach broth and soups. Not only is it healthy but it can also serve as a great comfort meal.

Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate

Want to eat healthily but cannot skip the chocolates? Well, you may find your health saviour in dark chocolate. A rich source of antioxidants, many studies have shown that dark chocolate is an excellent anti-inflammatory making it the perfect post-vaccination snack.

Virgin Olive Oil

virgin olive oil

A potent tool in the scientifically proven best diet of the world, the Mediterranean diet, virgin olive oil is loaded with healthy monosaturated fats. It also has substantial antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. 



A great addition to your meal to check cholesterol levels, broccoli is quite an underrated vegetable. This cruciferous vegetable has shown to lessen the danger of coronary illness and is quite palatable if you add it to your salad or have it steamed.