What to Eat if You Have Been Diagnosed with Covid-19 

A nutritionist homes in on a diet that will help you on your path to recovery from Coronavirus

The pandemic is far from over and there are still plenty of infected cases around. Though recovery from the disease is hugely dependent on the right medications and treatment, a right diet will speed up the recovery process. The World Health Organisation (WHO), National Health Service (NHS) and the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) have provided many dietary guidelines, those recovering from coronavirus need more proteins, fluids, vitamins and minerals to speed up the recovery process and rebuild their immunity. To simplify things Rajat Jain, dietitian, weight loss expert and a clinical and sports nutrition specialist suggests six foods that you need to add to your diet to recover fast and gain back the energy that your body might have lost in fighting the infection. 

Oranges: Oranges are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in the formation of antibodies and speeds up the entire recovery process. It is extremely beneficial for your immune system and boosts your energy levels. You can also eat kiwis, strawberries and other citrus foods. 

Almonds: Almonds are rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E works as an antioxidant. They provide you with the energy that your body might have lost. You can also consume other dry fruits, avocados and other foods that are rich in vitamin E to speed up your recovery process. 

Eggs and Chicken: Eggs and chicken are rich in protein. A protein-rich diet is very important for your body especially when you are recovering from Covid. It has amino acids that protect your body against pathogens. 

Beans: Beans have a high amount of zinc. It boosts your immune system and helps your body fight against toxins. A zinc deficiency can lead to bad immunity. You need to have a strong immunity system to fight the virus. You can also eat meat and poultry foods to increase your zinc intake. 

Fluids: Staying hydrated at all times is very important. Drink as many liquids as you can. Your body gets deprived of fluids when you fight this virus. To get back the fluids you must add fruit juices and vegetable juices to your diet and drink at least 3-5L of water every day. 

Turmeric: Herbs and spices have impressive immune enhance properties as they are loaded with antioxidants and a host of bioactive compounds. Incorporate these foods in your regular diet and also drink herbal drinks like kasha, ginger tea, green tea and other herbal teas to uplift your energy levels and strengthen the immune response. 

Besides these foods, there are certain things that Rajat recommends you do make your diet more effective: 

Maintain hygiene. 

Cook the food thoroughly. 

Keep the fruits and vegetables in saline water for at leat 3-4 hours. 

Stay hydrated and drink at least 15 glasses of water and focus more on lukewarm water. You can make infused water by adding 2 slices of lemon, 2-3 mint leaves or some cucumber, carrot or any fruit or veggies of your choice. This will make your normal water tastier and easy to drink. 

Eat good amount of proteins. 

Avoid Excessive sugar, fried items and cold food like ice creams. 

Avoid alcohol and restrict smoking because smoking can cause respiratory problems. 

Add more of turmeric, ginger, garlic, etc. 

Take Zinc and magnesium, folic acid, Omega-3, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and other supplements by consulting your Dietitian.