Watch a Transgender Woman's Journey in a Moving Ad Film That's Winning the Internet

As we move into Gay Pride Month, Bhima Jewellers 'Pure As Love' ad is breaking stereotypes and touching hearts, showcasing a transwoman's transition from man to woman. Watch it here, and meet its protagonist, trans model Meera Singhania Rehani.

As we move into Gay Pride Month, we are met with joyous news. A jewellery advertisement has struck a chord with its poignant and hope-filled depiction of a transgender woman's journey. The film by Bhima Jewellery is called 'Pure As Love', and it follows the transition of its main protagonist from man to woman, with jewellery playing a key part in the story. This advertisement has been winning hearts across the Internet for its choice of storyline and beautifully filmed narrative. Watch it below. 


" We cast a real transgender person in this ad because we wanted the story to be as authentic as possible to do justice to the cause, the person and the community", shares Nayva Suhas (Online Operations Head, Bhima Jewellery) in an interview. 

" People have become more receptive to such content, which may not have been possible a couple of years back. They (transgender people) hardly find acceptance in society, and sometimes within their own family....instead of showing a depressing story, we wanted to show a positive narrative of what we would like society to look like—where everyone could be themselves without the fear of being judged", she adds. 

The advertisement has been created by Animal, a creative agency headed by Sayantan Choudhury. Shot in and around Fort Kochi by Ransom Films’ Bharat Sikka, the film features several picturesque, postcard moments and stars Meera Singhania Rehani, a 22-year-old student from Ambedkar University, Delhi.


Meera, who got her gender reaffirmation surgery last year identifies herself as an artist. In a recent interview, Sayantan shared that finding a trans-woman to play the role had been a tough task. "Many declined because it involved revisiting a journey that is ridden with trauma in so many cases. It was brave of Meera to take up this role,” he adds.

Meera Transwoman

“She said the story of this film is not her experience. Her experience was more difficult. But to tell a story like ours with its unfettered positivity is so important because trauma is already deeply ingrained with the trans experience,” concluded Sayantan, stressing that the film “depicts a utopian situation” but “in an authentic manner”