Hurrah! Same-Sex Couples in India Can Now Open Joint Bank Accounts

Axis Bank has announced a charter of inclusive policies for LGBTQIA+ customers and employees titled 'Come As You Are'. Customers can now also add their same-sex partner as a nominee as well. Read the complete list here.

It's 2021, the time is ripe for positive change, and it looks like the folks at Axis Bank have got the memo! In a much-applauded move, Axis Bank, a private-sector Indian bank has announced a new charter of policies and practices that are favourable to their customers and employees from the LGBTQIA+ community. This announcement comes as part of a planned effort to encourage "diversity, equity and inclusion" in the bank's work environment. Here's an excerpt from the official release:

"Axis Bank, in line with its DilSeOpen philosophy, today announced #ComeAsYouAre, a charter of policies and practices for their employees and customers from the LGBTQIA+ community. With these initiatives, Axis Bank becomes one of the first banks in India to take such steps to promote and implement, diversity, equality and inclusion."

Bravo Axis Bank! We #Stan your decision.

Read the official charter by clicking here, and find the main points below:

1. Account holders from the LGBTQIA+ community will now be able to nominate their partners in their bank accounts.

2. Customers will also be able to open joint savings and term deposit accounts with their same-sex partners.

3. On the HR front, employees will be allowed to list their partners for mediclaim benefits irrespective of their gender, sex or marital status. 

4. Employees can dress in accordance with their gender/gender expression.

5. The bank recognises that employees could have gender/gender expression different from their sex assigned at birth.

6. Gender non-binary, gender-fluid or transgender customers can opt to use 'Mx' as their title. 

7. The bank has initiated all-gender restrooms at its larger offices. Employees from the LGBTQIA+ community will be able to use a restroom of their choice. 

These policies will be put into practice from the 20th of September 2021, and according to a bank representative, they are aimed to create a space that allows everyone to thrive. We, for one, are totally here for it!