Watch the GOT Prequel 'House of Dragon' Trailer and Meet the 7 Main Characters

Sweet mother of dragons🐲, we finally get some more Game Of Thrones! Watch the trailer and allow us to introduce you to the new characters in this series. 

It's here, it's here! Unlike George RR Martin, the makers of House of Dragon —a prequel to the cult favourite show Game of Thrones—did not make us wait too long (though some might say it was long enough). Last year, HBO announced the first of many planned Game of Thrones spinoffs, a  prequel set about 200 years before the events of the hit series. Adapted from the book Fire and Blood, House of the Dragon chronicles the history of the “Dance of Dragons,” a Targaryen civil war mentioned extensively through Thrones. And now, they are all set to release the show in January 2022, blessing GOT fans with their first visit back to the Westeros and its surrounding lands via the House of Dragon trailer. Watch it below:


Who else got goosebumps while watching that? That hauntingly familiar music got us from the get-go!

As we mentioned before, House of Dragon covers a major event in Weserosi history known as the "Dance of Dragons", a widespread civil war for succession that killed off a large percentage of House of Targaryan's dragons. Judging by the voiceover (and the title) dragons will play a major role in the events of this series. Once you are done rewatching the trailer a few times, allow us to introduce you to 7 key characters you might have missed.

1. The first few glimpses introduce a new character wearing the symbol of the 'Hand of the King'. This character is See Otto Hightower, mention in the earlier books.

house of dragons

2. Seated on the throne is King Viserys 1: the fifth king of the Targaryen dynasty. 

house of dragons

3. Then we are introduced to Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen (who looks a LOT like Daenerys at first glimpse). Known as the "Realm's Delight", she is loved by all and is the apple of her father— King Viserys' eye. 

house of dragons

4. Next comes Daemon Targaryen, the king's younger brother. An excellent warrior, Daemon is one of the most important players of the series  and is known to be a bit unbearable for all, except Rhaenyra ;) (did someone mention a budding romance?)

house of dragons

5. This guy is super important. Corlys Velaryon a.k.a "The Sea Snake" is Tywin Lannister's counterpart in this series ie. the most powerful man besides the king. House Velaryon dates its lineage back to Old Valyria, just like the Targaryens. 

house of dragons

6. Then we meet Mysaria, Daemon's Mistress of Whisperers and lover. Known as "Lady Misery", Mysaria too, will play a key role in the events that transpire. 


7. Finally, we have Lady Alicent Hightower, daughter of Ser Otto and beloved of the king. In the trailer, we see her running in distress, clutching a Valyarian dagger (the same one from GOT perhaps?)

house of dragons

So there you have it, our well-researched insight into the characters from the GOT prequel promo. And now we least until the next trailer drops.