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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

Optimise your space for the best sleep of your life. 

Not many—in fact, very few—are blessed with sound sleep across their life span, the plethora of reasons for which range from hormonal imbalances to more grave sleep disorders. Besides, this massively underrated healthy habit is easily compromised in the face of demanding professional commitments and poor lifestyle choices. That said, an unconducive physical environment, too, plays a significant role in determining the quality of one's sleep; loud colours, inadequate lighting, and clutter have the potential to interfere with a night of restful sleep, hence, tweaking one's immediate surroundings can go a long way in bettering the cycle. 

From journaling your thoughts before going to bed to rousing your senses with a subtle, soothing fragrance, Aditi Agrawal, Founder of homegrown décor and lifestyle label, Nestasia, explains how changing things up in your bedroom can help induce sleep. 


Ambient Temperature and Lighting


Setting the room temperature just right—maybe slightly on the cooler side so you can cozy-up under your blanket—can aid in inducing a good night's sleep. Ambient lighting, too, influences one's sleep; being exposed to cold, white lights prior to hitting the bed can make it harder to nod off. Consider dimming the lights closer to the time you're prepping to sleep. Opting for warmer lighting may also help. 


Declutter—Both Physically and Mentally


Clearing up the clutter is synonymous with unwinding. An organised space allows for relaxation since a lot of mess has the tendency to block energy, often resulting in heightened mental activity and stress. Turn to organisers for stowing away chords, jewellery, clothes, makeup and more, and give your room a clean, put-together look that’s not only inviting but induces a state of calmness and positivity as well. 


Tintillate Your Senses


Subtle, soothing fragrances such as sea breeze, lavender, vanilla, rosemary, and jasmine can help minimise mental hyperactivity and ease the day's stress. Light a candle diffuser or add potpourri a few hours before hitting the bed for smoother sleep and rejuvenation.


Journal Your Thoughts 


Penning down your positive experiences, learnings, and realisations for the day, for as less as 5-10 minutes, can help you get your thoughts together before bed; such mindfulness facilitates sound sleep. Set up a cute journaling corner in your room and banish all disruptive noises. 


A Herbal Tea Station 


Why not set up a herbal tea station in your room for a soothing night-time drink? Swap the caffeine with warm milk or a herbal decaffeinated tea for a relaxing cuppa at the end of a long day and catch up on your favourite read. Reading before bedtime helps put your consciousness on another plane, which can thereby induce sleep.