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5 Special Spirits to Make Your Home Bar Look Fancy

From speciality rums to the party favourite Jäger, create an envy-inducing home bar with these special spirits, recognized as the best at the Cosmopolitan India Saturday Night Awards.

Fancy liqueurs are a big, broad, beautifully complex galaxy of their own in the universe of spirits. They add that unique touch to your personal collection with their unusual character and distinctive drinking experience. Moreover, they can often prove to be great conversation starters when you invite people over. Coupled with these, another great addition to your home bar is white rum, which can be used to whip up a refreshing mojito or served with coke as a classic, crowd-pleasing drink. We have curated a list of special pours that won big at this year's Cosmo SNAS to add that hint of whimsy to your home bar.

1. Bacardi Carta Blanca

Bacardi Carta Blanca is one of the world's most popular rums. They say the party never really begins until there's Bacardi! It has an impeccable taste, with an incredible history behind it. Made in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and India; it's a blend of charcoal filtered 13-year-old rums from molasses, aged in lightly charred ex-bourbon casks. Crystal clear, with a citrusy aroma, this popular rum has a dry yet slightly sweet taste, with hints of pear, vanilla, caramel, and pepper spice.

Bacardi carta blanca

2. Jägermeister

An iconic drink that is a cult favourite, Jägermeister started as a celebratory drink among hunters and is now a bold herbal liquor prized by bartenders worldwide. It's made with an elixir of 56 botanical ingredients such as star anise, liquorice, cinnamon bark, and many others in this secret recipe, served in a firm, square-shaped bottle. On the nose, the Jägermeister is herbal, citrusy, and intense, and on the palate, it's spiced, sweet, and fruity with a candied orange taste and a peppery finish. Serve it up as the party crowd's favourite Jägerbomb, or mix it with cold-brew coffee for an extra caffeine kick.


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3. Molinari Sambuca Extra

An iconic, perfumed liqueur from Europe, Molinari Sambuca is made with a recipe that is still a closely guarded secret. It's a steely, transparent colour, with the aroma of aniseed, fennel, and celery stalks and tasting notes of black liquorice and rock candy. One of the best ways to enjoy it is as a Sambuca Caffe Corretto, adding 5ml of Sambuca to an espresso cup. There are many other ways to enjoy this special spirit due to its versatility and sweetness. This one is definitely worth a space in your home bar.

molinari sambuca

4. Martini Fiero

Launched in 2019, Fiero means 'bold' and 'proud' in Italian. It is a blend of white wines and botanicals that blend well with the orange, including the Murcia orange peel, Artemisia absinthium, and Artemisia pontica. With its 100 percent natural, bittersweet, zesty deep orange flavour, it pairs perfectly well with tonic water for the classic Italian aperitivo. Try it to understand the true spirit behind this iconic brand.

Martini Fiero

5. Baileys The Original Irish Cream

Baileys Original Irish Cream is the world's first cream liqueur and also arguably the most-loved. You can pour over ice, shake it into cocktails, drizzle it over ice cream, or even bake a cake with it! Founder Tom Edwin Jago took Ireland's two national treasures—dairy cream and Irish whiskey and combined them through trial and error to create the first-ever batch of Baileys in 1974, adding fine spirits, rich chocolate, and vanilla flavour. The tasting notes present cream with a delicate milk chocolate flavour, soft nougat with a nutty edge, Irish whiskey, and brewed coffee trickle.