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The 5 Tattoo Designs That You'll See Everywhere in 2022

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If you haven't got inked as yet, simply because you can't seem to narrow down on a design, we totalllly get you. Tats are permanent, leaving no room for goof-ups and misprints. Besides, they often hold deep, sentimental value, and require much deliberation beforehand—unless, of course, it's a drunk night call. From micro-realism to abstract, geometric elements, 2022 brings with it a slew of trending designs that demand your attention; tattoo artist Angel Zimik of Devilz Tattooz, is here to help. 


Zodiac Sign/Empowering Terms


If nothing else comes to mind, turn to your sun sign! For those looking to get a small, albeit meaningful tattoo, get inked with your zodiac sign or a powerful word such as 'strength', 'free', or 'hope'. 






Amid the wide range of tattoo designs that exist today—minimalism, maximalism, tribal, portraiture—micro-realism is probably one of the most sought-after styles. Using a gradual, layering, fine needle approach to achieve a gradient control for a photographic level of detail, micro-realism tattoos almost seem to bring elements to life. 




Geometric Tattoos


Geometric tats go far beyond regular shapes such as circles, squares, and rectangles—they tend to create a sense of balance and symmetry owing to their intricate patterns, and may even add a dash of mystery to your ink. Upgrade your basic tattoo by integrating a few geometric elements.




Minimalist Tattoos


Your tattoo needn't be large to stand out—the likes of Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, and Kylie Jenner have covered their body with mini, minimalist tattoos. A trend that continues to pick up even today, minimalist tats are here to stay. While they might be discreet and difficult to notice on the skin, these tiny pieces of artwork are proof that size doesn't matter. Plus, they can be concealed whenever desired. 




Quote/Lettering Tattoos


Getting inked with an inspirational quote serves as a healthy reminder to look at the bright side. However, apart from being a constant source of motivation, quotes tattoos make use of unique script fonts for the lettering—quickly taking your ink from drab to fab.