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Inside the ‘Flying Hotel’ That Can Remain in the Air Forever

The future of travel is here!

What is your idea of a vacation? Is it laying on a beach sipping potent cocktails from a coconut shell, or trekking up a mountain to take in the view from the top? Whichever option you choose, you should know that soon there will be a third option as well—a vacation in the sky. We’re talking about the extravagant flying hotel: Sky Cruise. This new, slightly outlandish, this concept offers passengers a truly unique travel experience. Think, a vacation on The Enterprise straight out of ‘Star Trek’. Are you ‘up’ for the ride?

Designed by Tony Holmsten and reimagined by Hashem Al-Ghaili, this aspiring concept looks like the love child of a plane and a cruise ship with a whole lot of spaceships thrown in. According to a video that is currently doing the rounds on social media, the Sky Cruise can hold up to 5,000 guests at once. Complete with an entertainment deck, malls, restaurants, bars, gyms, a pool, a state-of-the-art medical centre, and even an observation tower with a 360-degree view for stargazing, this mega-plane is a world in the sky. You can even get married on the Sky Cruise. It would truly be a wedding for the ages. 


Speaking of environmental consequences, a video from the makers explains that the floating vessel would be nuclear-powered and fitted with 20 hypersonic engines. This would allow it to stay airborne for years with zero-carbon emissions. All maintenance work and repairs will be done while the Sky Cruise is airborne and does not need to land. As wildly futuristic as that is, it begs two questions: how will passengers get on and off, and where will all the utilities, water, and ingredients for food come from? Both those things will require commercial and private planes to land on top of the Sky Cruise.

If this doesn’t make your jaw drop, we know what might just do the trick! This humungous floating sky ship will have no pilots. It is designed to use AI technology to fly around the world. What’s more, this AI technology will have the ability to detect turbulence among other things.

While its take-off date is yet to be announced, this flying hotel has already caused quite a stir on social media. As divided as netizens are over the Sky Cruise, there is no denying that this is the future of travel and it is truly mind-blowing.