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McDonald’s Launches India’s First All-Women Drive-Through Restaurant

  A small step in the right direction

There is a significant gap between the number of men in the workforce to the number of women. We have to work twice as hard to earn half the recognition. I wish I could say that things are drastically changing. But I can’t because it’s not a hurdle that can be fixed overnight. What we (as a society) can do is take small, baby steps towards closing this gender gap. 

One great example of this was just undertaken by Mcdonald's India. On Thursday, the fast-food chain, in association with Westlife Development, announced the launch of its first-ever all-women drive-through restaurant in Ekta Nagar, Gujrat. 

This drive-through will be helmed by 28 women hired from nearby villages. Of these, 90% of the women are recruited from the GMR Foundation which works for the development of under-served communities through initiatives in education, health and livelihoods. These women have been trained according to the  FSSAI guidelines on all the necessary safety, hygiene and other restaurant procedures. 

Westlife Development MD Smita Jatia said, "It is an honour for us to launch our maiden all-women employee-led drive-thru restaurant in Ekta Nagar – at the land of the prestigious Statue of Unity. We believe that this initiative will enable us to strengthen our commitment towards diversity and inclusion as well as fostering communities, by bringing in more women from the region to the workforce."