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Everything You Need to Know About Leo and Taurus Compatibility

They're two of the most luxurious signs of the zodiac.

When a Taurus and a Leo walk into the room, one thing’s for sure: The sex appeal just went up a few notches. These two signs are showstoppers, and both know how to take the air out of a room–in a good way! Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, and Leo is ruled by the Sun, the center of the solar system. These two know how to make an impression and keep others wanting more.

While both signs have a stubborn streak, one unshakeable thing that have in common in their loyalty. When these two make a commitment, they’re in it for the long haul, which is something they’ll come to love the most about their counterpart. Leo’s flair for the dramatics is often tempered by Taurus’ down-to-earth energy and approach to life, and Taurus can be encouraged out of their comfort zone thanks to Leo’s zest for life and desire for adventure.

Leo and Taurus As Friends

When a Leo and Taurus form a friendship, it’s a decades-long commitment! These are two of the most loyal zodiac signs, and they’ll stand by their friend through thick or thin. It's easy to see why these two connect: They are two of the more indulgent zodiac signs and share a love of the finer things in life. From designer duds to Michelin-starred restaurants, Leo and Taurus pals are game to spend freely, as long as they feel like royalty and get spoiled rotten in the process. These two will know exactly the perfect gift to give the other, abd will continue to melt one another’s hearts with thoughtful mementos.

They’re also both incredibly reliable, which as fixed sign, they both value deeply within their friendships. Their only hurdle will be managing streaks of stubbornness–one of them will have to cave eventually (spoiler alert: Leo will usually cave first)!

Sex Between Leo and Taurus

Sex between a Leo and Taurus is a sensual and theatrical experience. Taurus is a sensual and physically attentive sign that will give Leo all the attention they desire and more. Leo aims to perform and please, and they won’t shy away from the sensual and slow foreplay that Taurus craves. All good performances take time, and Leo will soak up the spotlight and adoration along the way.

As fixed signs, these two can possess some serious stamina. Sex can feel like a marathon–but they’re up for the task! For the fixed signs in the zodiac, there’s truly no better way to clock in some exercise. Both of these signs enjoy being in charge, so power dynamics can be a fun theme for this duo to play around with and explore.

Leo and Taurus in a Relationship

When a Leo and Taurus enter a romantic relationship, they’re both hearing wedding bells. These are two very romantic signs who have the long game in mind. Their loyalty to one another will serve as a successful foundation for their future. Their biggest hurdles they face may involve finances, communication, and bouts of possessiveness. Taurus loves to indulge from time to time, but can also keep a tight grip on their wallet. Leo’s indulgent streak comes out to play more often. This can also lead to disagreements about date nights–Leo may prefer more social outings while Taurus, you guessed it, may prefer to stay at home.

It all boils down to communication, though. With these two zodiac signs’ unparalleled stubborn streaks, they will have to choose to cooperate when they disagree. If both dig their heels in the ground, their union may be going nowhere fast. They have to learn to compromise and hold their longterm vision for their shared future above all else. They’ll also have to learn to leave jealousy and possessive behaviors in the past. These two both want an all-access pass to their lovers’ hearts–and if they ever feel threatened, their claws and horns will come out to play.

Leo and Taurus in Marriage

If Leo and Taurus make it to the altar, not even a natural disaster can shake the foundation of this couple. As two of the most stubborn and loyal zodiac signs, this pairing has likely already made it through thick and thin, for better or for worse. Once they've made a serious commitment, they will continue to always choose one another.

Leo’s theatrical and playful approach to life will inspire Taurus’ creative side and can even help them reconnect with their inner child, which can be an incredibly healing experience. Taurus’ grounding energy will help Leo discern that not all problems deserve an Oscar-worthy monologue. There is a steadiness to this couple, and their shared love of spoiling one another that will keep them feeling young and appreciated throughout their union.