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5 Female-Friendly Toys From Love Depot We Approve Of

Allow us to introduce you to some of the best toys available for women

The world of sex toys can prove to be quite confusing, especially if you are a first-time shopper. When it comes to toys—if you can fantasize about it, someone has probably made it. And, while vibrators aren't the only toys available for women, they are definitely the most popular and effective ones when it comes to devices made to enhance female pleasure. Be it going solo or using toys for sexual exploration with your partner, a vibrator can become the perfect companion you need on your journey of sexual exploration (you do you girl!).

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Now that you have decided to shop for a vibrator, there are a tonne of options available out there, so figuring out which one you want to get can prove to be a bit overwhelming. Well, worry not, for we have rounded up our pick of the best female-friendly toys available at Love Depot—an all-new sexual pleasure e-superstore for all your intimate needs. From the iconic Rabbit to G-spot massagers and those best suited for couples, here are five female-friendly toys that are perfect for all your pleasure needs.


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A Flexible Internal Vibrator to Enhance Female Pleasure: Explore your sexuality with the Satisfyer Mono Flex Vibrator with 2 powerful motors, diverse vibrations combinations, smooth silicone and G-spot stimulation. Each of these features is perfectly-suited to help you find the right mode and vibrations to help you reach a pleasurable orgasm. 


An Iconic Sex Toy That Lives Up to All It’s Pop Culture Hype: Remember how the ladies of Sex and the City introduced us to the ‘Rabbit’? You know, the vibrator Charlotte stayed home to spend (ahem) quality time with? Well, you can now pleasurably find out what the hype was all about by getting your very own with Happy Rabbit’s expertly designed USB rechargeable triple curved vibrator


A G-Spot Vibrator for Heightened Sexual Experiences: A sensitive area believed to exist in the anterior wall of the vagina, the G-spot is believed to be highly erogenous and at times tricky to stimulate, with or without your partner. The Plus One G-spot massager is an ergonomically designed, multifunctional tool that can easily reach your sensitive areas, making it the perfect companion for those new to the world of toys.


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A Clitoral Stimulator With Unique Rotating Motion If You are Looking to Switch Things Up: Feel new sensations like never before with Zumio S, the only sex toy for women that uses a rotating motion instead of vibration to target precise clitoral stimulation. Mimicking the movement of a human finger, the Zumio S gives you a unique sensation you will have not experienced before using regular vibrators. 


A Couple’s Stimulator That is Perfect for You and Your Partner: Create a stimulation secret with your SO and take your sexual exploration to new heights with the We Vibe Jive, an internal, wearable vibrator that can give you the never-like-before G-spot stimulation while it sits comfortably on your body. This app-controlled vibrator can be used by you or controlled by your partner. What more, you can wear it hidden discreetly for a delicious little secret, even when all eyes are on you!

So there you have it, just a few of the fabulous toys you can find at Love Depot. And this is just the tip of a pleasurable iceberg, there is a lot more to explore and choose from, just click here to check out all their products and ensure that the #PleasureIsAllYours.