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5 dating myths you need to unlearn ASAP

There is just so much bad advice out there!

Dating can be tough at times, but we frequently make it even harder for ourselves by relying on outdated beliefs and trying to live up to unrealistic expectations. For you to be able to lead a healthy dating life with a *realistic* mindset, dispelling these myths is crucial. Let’s shatter these dating myths once and for all.

Myth #1: With the right person, your relationship won’t require work

Won't be too much work with the right person


Every relationship requires effort, irrespective of whether the relationship is romantic or platonic. When you stop putting effort into your relationship, you end up taking your connection for granted. You stop prioritising each other and slowly but inevitably, the bond weakens. And it’s not like a healthy relationship won’t have conflicts; you will still constantly have to work on resolving them and choosing each other, every single time! 

Myth #2: Play hard to get

play hard to get


Although it may seem “cool” to not care, trust me when I say that it is the exact opposite of cool. Playing such games is juvenile and if that helps you build a relationship, know that it is with a person who is as unreliable as the concept itself. The novelty and excitement of the chase will eventually die and before you know it, they will be in pursuit of someone else. If you like a person, act like it. There is nothing better than letting someone know how much you admire them, so be your true self. This is how you cultivate a sense of security and intimacy between people. We like people who like us. Period.

Myth #3: You should wait to have the ‘talk’

wait to have the 'talk'


If a conversation is crucial to what you want out of life or is important to you, don't put it off for later. 
Share your intentions for the relationship right away. You are welcome to check in as often as you like about the advancement of whatever it is you seek—though taking daily updates may seem a tad much.
 Why waste your time being with someone who is not on the same page as you?

Myth #4: Don’t show all your cards at once



You are a person, not a game of cards. Your potential partner should see the good and the bad side of you—the strong side, as well as your vulnerable moments. No matter what your true emotions are, don't hide them. Sure, don’t act impulsively. Practise emotional intelligence but if someone has to be with you, they should know the real you. 

Myth #5: Wait to have sex



There isn't a one-size-fits-all when it comes to the “right” time to have sex. It really depends on what you and the other person feel comfortable with. Any advice you hear is biased and rooted in sex-neg subjective opinions.