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Feminist podcasts you need to listen to RN

These Indian podcasts will make you feel seen and heard just how your homies do.

A progressive mindset is contagious and the kind of conversations we indulge in can surely influence our thoughts. If you are surrounded by people who are misogynistic, you will probably normalise it. We need conversations that make people uncomfortable because no change can happen without discomfort. If you are looking for a dose of progressive, feminist conversations, here are a few podcasters you can add to your listening list. 

Intersectional Feminism

intersectional feminism

Desi Style! Podcast Hosts Nishtha and Sukanya help you understand how intersectionality affects social identities in our daily lives. Launched by Feminism In India, an award-winning platform covering feminist issues, they release two episodes a month and talk about key subjects like the male gaze, role of ‘heroines’ in Indian cinema, marginalised representation, and most importantly, why feminism is political.

Masala Podcast


The South Asian Feminist Podcast Hosted by Sangeeta Pillai, the award-winning podcast introduces its listeners to varied experiences and inspiring women while shedding light on the patriarchal structures challenging South Asian women across the world. London-based Sangeeta also answers pertinent questions like, ‘Why older women are less valued?’, ‘Is the Kama Sutra still relevant today?’, and more.

Fat. So?


Not being a certain size in a world where society dictates what’s ‘perfect’ can be hard. Hosts Ameya and Pallavi open up about their respective journeys on how they dealt with—and continue to deal with—fat phobia. Their conversations about tackling mean comments and unsolicited advice, and accepting their bodies, help listeners accept themselves for who they are and tackle body image issues.

Girls That Invest

podcast investing

Simran Kaur and Sonya Gupthan, former investors and now hosts, are on a mission to help women learn about financial independence and how to grow their money. The hosts also break down financial jargon and help millennial investors navigate intimidating topics. Some episodes address topics like prenup, whether or not you should quit your job, the wealth gap women face in the corporate world, and more.

Image courtesy: Instagram/KayByKatrina