Anu Sridharan is Changing the Way You Consume Water

Her app NextDrop dispenses information on water supply to citizens in Hubli-Dharwad, Bengaluru, and Mysore.

​Now in its fifth year, NextDrop is more than just an app—it is helping change the lives of thirsty Indians in many cities! Co-founded by Anu Sridharan, NextDrop dispenses information on water supply to citizens via text messages. When they started out in Hubli-Dharwad, nearly one million people in Hubli alone would get water once every three to five days, for about four hours. "We bridged the gap between the citizens and the government, by allowing users to get information on when the next water supply would be available," says Anu. "The app also lets you lodge complaints, which we redirect to the concerned authorities and work with them to find solutions," the Berkeley graduate reveals. Currently the app functions in Bengaluru and Mysore (with plans to expand to the rest of the country) and has close to 80,000 subscribers.

So how did the civil engineer become one of the most successful social entrepreneurs in the country? "I didn't even know what a PNL statement was. I had to learn everything I know on-the-job, and that includes technical know-how and business expertise. My advice to anybody starting out would be read and research on the subject as much as possible. And make Google your best friend!" she adds light heartedly.