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The cool kids: 'Class' actor Anjali Sivaraman on her personal style and keeping it real on social media

'Class' actor Anjali Sivaraman opens up in a conversation with Cosmo India.

Undeterred by naysayers—and en route to embracing her best self—25-year-old actor Anjali Sivaramanand model is gearing up for a promising future.

Cosmo India: Walk us through your creative process while prepping for a role...

Anjali Sivaraman: “For my first film, Cobalt Blue [2022], I prepped for three to six months; I took up language and dialect coaching, worked out thrice a day, and followed a strict diet plan. I had to work on my voice modulation to make it slightly deeper and less nasal, and also change my body language to match that of Anuja Dixit’s [the character]. It was a very intensive process. The role of Suhani, in Class [2023], was also very intense... I did not want to immerse myself in it  completely, because I think I am too new to be able to navigate through that. So, as soon as the director would call ‘cut’, I would tune out of the character... I prefer experimenting and going with the flow until I figure out what works best for me.”

C: There is a dearth of authenticity online... How do you keep it real on social media?

AS: “The pictures that I post on social media are glamorous, simply because that is the nature of the industry I am I try to keep it professional on my feed. But when it comes to my Instagram stories and addressing my followers, I keep it real, because I don’t want to portray an inauthentic persona. I don’t want people to assume that I am someone I am not. There are so many impressionable people on the Internet, you know? I don’t ever want to be responsible for steering anyone the wrong way.” 


C: Cinema allows for creative self-expression. Has your craft taught you things about yourself that you didn’t already know?

AS: “Yes, it most definitely has. It has taught me that I am a lot stronger than I believe I am, and that if I put my mind to something, I can achieve it all. I know how to protect myself, and I will always do so...this is probably one of my greatest strengths that nobody can snatch away from 

C: How would you describe your personal style?

AS: “I will always choose comfort over fashion. For instance, I would pick sneakers over heels... I feel my personal style has improved drastically over the last few years—for which I have some fashionable friends and family to thank. And when it comes to dresses, I rarely say no.”

C: What is the one thing not many people know about you?

AS: “I’m not a people-person—I get very self-conscious and uncomfortable, especially if someone comes up to compliment me or ask me for a picture...I often don’t know how to react. I am extremely shy and introverted. But the other day, I was told that I handled a situation better than I would have I’m 
getting better.”

C: Tell us how you deal with criticism...

AS: “So far, criticism hasn’t really bothered me. I think the only criticism I will ever take seriously will be the criticism I receive from those 
who matter to me.” 


C: How do you view fame?

AS: “Honestly, I’m not so sure. Fame has never been a priority for me. When entering the film industry, I know a lot of people desire all that comes with it—the glitz and glamour, the fame, and the appreciation. But I’ve never paid much attention to it, because, as I mentioned earlier, I am rather introverted and self-conscious. For me, it’s always been about the joys of acting and performing. But of course, I wouldn’t mind the appreciation, too [laughs].”

C. You mentioned that you tend to get do you overcome this feeling when on 

AS: “In the early stages of my modelling career, I was extremely uncomfortable in front of the camera, because I didn’t know my angles. And, you know, I’m a slightly curvier girl—like I’m not a typical size I was always very self-conscious, and experienced body dysmorphia. This made things a lot more intense in my head. So, I began practising in front of the mirror... I see what works for my body, and what feels comfortable. And when it comes down to being in front of the camera, I take a deep breath to clear my mind and get into the skin of the character.” 


C: What makes you upset?

AS: “I don’t appreciate it when people are cruel to each other, to animals, or to the environment for sadistic 

C: Lastly, how do you live an unapologetic life?

AS: “I live unapologetically by being true to myself... The motto I live by is that no matter how self-conscious or low I feel, I will never change myself for anybody. I don’t know how to fake it, and I don’t know how to be anyone else but me.” 

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Image 1: On Anjali Sivaraman: Long sleeve bodysuit, adidas

Image 2: On Anjali Sivaraman: Always Original Trench Coat, Monogram Thin Crew Socks, and Forum Low Shoes, all adidas 

Image 3: On Anuv Jaini: Adicolor Neuclassics Sweatpants, Adicolor Neuclassics Windbreaker, Samba Vegan Shoes, Performanced cushioned mid-cut socks, all adidas; On Kayan: Dungarees, rib tank top, and Gazelle Shoes, all adidas; On Shantanu Maheshwari: Rekive Woven Jacket, Adicolor Classics Lock Up Trefoil Trackpants, Monogram Thin Crew Socks, Ftw: adidas Superstar Shoes, all adidas; On Anjali Sivaraman: Long sleeve bodysuit, Always Original Adibreak Pants, and Forum Low Shoes, all adidas; On Ayesha Kanga: Corset, Firebird Faux Leather Track Pants, and Forum Low Shoes, all adidas

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Photographs: Chandrahas Prabhu; Styling: Pranay Jaitly & Shounak Amonkar; Make-up: Krisann Figueiredo; Hair: Rakshanda Irani; Videographer: Ratnakar Dave; Production: P. Productions; Fashion Assistants: Shubham Jawanjal and Chaitanya Balvant