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Ten Ayurvedic Solutions to Help You Combat Air Pollution

Our grannies have been telling us about number ten for years!!!

With the recent rise in air pollution and Delhi being declared the most polluted city in the world, people are panicking , and with good reason. In fact, not only Delhi but many other major ​Indian metro cities are also dealing with increased pollution levels , which has led to people installing air purifiers and buying pollution masks. Apart from these measures , there are many Ayurvedic solutions to combat air pollution , some of which are sitting in your kitchen closet. According to Ayurvedic experts , here are some home solutions to help you combat air pollution.

1.Turmeric: A well known antioxidant, it is said to help protect the lungs from toxic effects of pollutants. Mixing turmeric with ghee is a great way to relieve cough and aid during asthma attack.

2.Jaggery: Mixed with onion juice, Jaggery is an excellent expectorant and helps relieve dry cough.

3.Haritaki: Taken before bedtime and in the morning Haritaki or tropical almond , it is good for relieving phlegm.

4.Ginger: Mixed with black pepper and tulsi , it is beneficial for curing respiratory ailments.

5. Neem: Water boiled with neem leaves is excellent to help detoxify skin and hair of pollutants. Eating 2-3 leaves twice a week can help purify blood and lymphatic tissue.

6. Tulsi: Tulsi planted in the house can help absorb pollution. 10-15 ml of tulsi juice also help clears pollutants from respiratory tact.

7.Triphala: Mixed with honey , this wonder herb helps bolstering immunity and restoring balance to the system.

8.Pomegranate juice: This juice is known to purify the blood and is an excellent cardio protective .

9.Pippali: This super herb purifies the lungs and enables easy breathing.A small quantity of this powder can be added to honey or warm water for a maximum of 7 days .

10. Ghee: Putting a drop of cows ghee in every nostril every morning and at bedtime helps to keep clear of pollutants. Consuming 2-3 teaspoons of ghee daily helps combat toxic metals like lead and mercury and does not allow them to accumulate in bones ,kidney and liver.

A healthy body is also important to overcome adversity in such times. 15-30 min of Pranayam done indoors will help build immunity immensely. Regular steam and massages can also help release toxins and keep the system healthy.