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7 Travelling Animals of Instagram Who are About to Make You Super Jealous

Get ready for some serious #TravelGoals, courtesy these Internet-famous pets and their Instagramming humans!


This Italian chihuahua has been voted the world’s most jet-setting pet! When he’s not in Italy, he’s parading the world, staying at plush, five-star hotels and posing next to some of the most beautiful sights. But his favourite landmark remains the Empire State Building in New York, as per his parents!


Adopted off the streets of Kochi, India, by Ukrainian couple Eugene and Kristina, this little pup has had quite the life so far. She’s already ticked off over 14 countries off her bucket list (Nepal, Thailand, Italy, amongst a few), and is already planning her next adventure. Follow to find out where she goes next!


These two brothers accompany their owners on hiking trips across Canada. Kayaking is one of their favourite sports, and they’re all about the prep—snow coats, life vests, and the best cat trekking tools any camping feline might need. They’ve even written a book on their adventures! Their next agenda: to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


This golden retriever spends more time in rivers and on mountain trails than anyone you know! Aspen became an Insta-famous model after his photographer parents, Sarah and Hunter Lawrence adopted him as a young pup. Now, he’s travelled to over eight different states in the US and earned himself a whopping 279k followers on Instagram!


Meet Frankie Rae, a four-year-old goat, who’s been on the road for 18 months and covered over 48,000 kilometres with her owners, Cate and Chad Battles, and her dog sibling, Maggie. She’s a full-time RV pet and has travelled all over America, hiking and befriending fellow goats along the way. Currently, she’s road-tripping across California and baaa-ing every bit of it.


This globe-trotting pair was born in France, have lived in Lisbon and are now expats in São Paulo. More often than not, they can be found on the beach, at the airport, or paddling away in the sea. They also love shopping, fine cuisine, water sports and exploring new places (so do we, Max and Louise!).


Rescue cat Willow has had quite the exciting past few years. Along with her adventurous human, Rich, she’s been living the #VanLife, and camping across Australia. Together, they have covered over 40,000 kilometres!


This rescued mini pig is the sassiest pet you’re ever going to see. A day in his life includes getting massages, being wined and dined in bed (complete with a mini dressing gown), and, of course, travelling the world in a pram! If you aren’t envious of his life already, check out his YouTube channel, where he tests out vegan pizzas, celebrates Halloween, attends hot air balloon festivals, and more.