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Show Us Favourite Holiday Photographs #VirtualWanderlust

While travel plans stay cancelled, for very good reason, here are the favourite holiday photographs of a few frequent travellers so that you can vicariously live their experiences...for now.

Photographs of travels from the past are laced with hope and sweet memories... In these pressing times, some virtual travelling and future planning can serve as welcome respite for the restless. And so, for our #WorkfromHome issue, we got in touch with some frequent travellers... From snuggling with an African matriarch elephant to a selfie in North Korea (well, almost), Rehan Poncha, Suket Dhir, Jayanti Reddy, Rhea Pillai Rastogi, Shivan and Narresh, Shubhika Mohan and Sonaakshi Raaj share their favourite holiday photographs so that we can live vicariously through their experiences...for now.

Shubhika Davda, Fashion Designer “After a really crazy, heady mix of a year that 2019 was this last-minute getaway to Dubai may sound ‘meh’. But the 1st of January 2020 was picture-perfect for me. I came out of a gut-wrenching migraine that lasted the entire 31st - into the first day of this year. The four of us booked a mini yacht and went the closest that we could in Dubai to nature - fresh air and uninterrupted hours of music in silence. PS : I may also be biased because I took this badass printed coord bomber jacket set from my latest collection Radio GaGa out for a spin , just FYI ;)”

Jayanti Reddy, Fashion Designer "This photo is from my most memorable holiday in Ladakh, from my first visit in 2017. I’m standing at Khardung La, the highest motorable mountain pass. I can never forget how much I was in awe of the stunning view, and how much I savoured what I felt inside. It was a different kind of lightness and liberation. I was cut off from the rest of the world as I know it, but Nature’s majesty seemed to be welcoming me with open arms - She was drawing me into a different definition of what it means to be ‘on top’ of my game."

Rhea Pillai Rastogi, Fashion Designer “I have been extremely lucky in life to find a partner who is as travel-hungry as I am. In the six years of being together, we have gone on many adventurous trips. My husband, Dishant Pritamani runs two restaurants, The Daily All Day in Mumbai and Pune. I have my design label and studio in Mumbai. Between our hectic schedules, we barely get any time together, so our travels make up for all the lost time. When we got married in December 2018, we wanted to make the most of our honeymoon in South Africa. We packed it with everything we love doing and them some - safaris, deep sea diving, beaches, mountains, animals, sky diving and lots of down time. I am an out and out animal lover and I have always been fascinated by earth's gentle giants; baby elephants anyone? In this picture you can see me hugging a matriarch elephant, her herd not far behind. This was the Tanzania leg of our trip, in an elephant sanctuary. I was a bundle of emotions as I stood next to her, gently patting her trunk and feeding her some fruit. Dishant knew I have always dreamt of being in such close proximity to these beautiful animals and made sure I have this experience of a lifetime to take back with me.”

Shivan Bhatiya and Narresh Kukreja, Fashion Designers "This particular picture is one of my favourites from our recent trip to South Korea. Where we stand is right outside the South Korean Border into the Korean Demilitarized Zone. What you see on the back of the wall to which we stand in North Korea. One of the most elusive places on earth where no one has ever been. Through the binoculars, you can see a tiny, possibly abandoned village of North Korea. The further north you can see the silhouette of one of the biggest cities in North Korea. What makes this image even more special is that where we stand is the only piece of land on earth (250 km in length and 4 km wide, dividing the entire Korean Peninsula) which has not been in human contact for over 67 years. This natural isolation has resulted in this region to be now recognised as one of the most well-preserved areas of natural habitat in the world. Ecologists have identifies some 2,900 plant species, 70 types of mammals & 320 kinds of birds within this narrow buffer zone. It is for this reason that’s it’s now being pushed to be a UNESCO World heritage site soon.”

Sonaakshi Raaj, Fashion Designer "For me, it was a surprise trip to the Maldives planned by Nikhil along with the help of my sister that ended with a proposal! The entire trip was magical ... from jumping into the ocean from my water villa to deep-sea diving, swimming with dolphins and swinging in the mid-ocean. But the best was saved for the last day. He had booked dinner on a private island with a pathway lit with candles and roses leading to a violinist playing my favourite songs and that’s when he popped the question to which the answer was obvious!"

Suket Dhir, Fashion Designer "This was my first and only holiday with my 18-month-old Beyla. She was super excited. Beyla is my second child. And we’d not gone on a holiday for almost 2 years. I’m used to travelling at least twice a year. Also, this felt more than a vacation. This was a homestay called Maya’s Crest near Kasauli that literally felt like a home far, far away from everything.”

Rehan Poncha, Olympian Athlete “One of my favourite holiday pictures was taken in the private pool of my villa at Seaside Finolhu. My life for two decades started at 5 am with long workouts, often in very cold water! So this, a lazy, decadent breakfast in an infinity pool, overlooking the vast expanse of crystal clear waters of the Maldives, makes a lovely memory. It also brings the two things I love most together - the water and food!”