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7 Ways to Give a Refreshing Summer Makeover to Your Home Without Spending a Penny

Bored with the decor at home? Here are expert tips to bring in some positive and vibrant energy into your personal space.

All of us are spending more time indoors than ever before. With the Coroanavirus pandemic being far from over, looks like our situation won’t change any time soon. So if you can’t step out, bring the outdoors inside and create a calming and relaxing personal space. Turn on your favourite summer songs and shake up your curtains, linens and play around with colours to make your space feel brighter and happier. Here are a few experts tips and tricks to try for an easy makeover.

Bring in the plants: We invariably connect with nature on an innate level — and plants do not only purify the air but also spruce up the look-and-feel of the space, adding a light, tropical touch to nooks and corners. “Moreover, people today are mindful of their environmental impact on the planet. Adding indoor planters to balconies, terraces and patios and planting flowers in the courtyard and garden, becomes a therapeutic exercise. These things contribute towards creating a positive environment and promote wellbeing,” says Pankhuri Goel, Design Principal, Studio Lotus.

Use light and natural materials for understated elegance: Timber and cane — as well as jute and rattan furniture — create a refreshing, summery atmosphere. Bamboo and wood are other natural materials that make the space look tranquil and comfortable. “We can easily reinvigorate the look-and-feel of a space with the right choice of materials and textures,” says Pankhuri.

Add some flowers: An easy way to instantly spruce up a space is by adding fresh flowers. “Floral arrangements in the living and dining areas bring in a sense of calmness and grace,” says Manisha Hakim, Associate & Head, Interiors, Urbanscape Architects.

Indulge in pattern play: Tropical or floral prints fill any space with freshness and exuberance. “From curtains and rugs to pillow covers and tablecloths, using a mix of patterns instantly lifts the spirit and creates an upbeat mood,” says Pankhuri. If your room has any heavy drapes, take them off and let the sheer ones remain if the room does not face direct sunlight, suggests Manisha.

Declutter your space: This is the most important step before a makeover. “De-clutter your home of old accessories, rundown artwork, etc. Old rugs that have been in use for years can be replaced with cotton durries for summer. Not only they look good but also feel good under your feet,” says Manisha.

Get summery wall papers: A lot can be done to create a soothing and relaxing environment. “To begin with, ideally, repainting the walls with fresh pastel and powdery tones like mints and corals or earthy tones would have been my first preference, but given the current situation, employing any sort of labour to get the job done isn’t safe anymore. So, as an easy and quick alternative, floral, summery wallpapers can be added to transform a space – these can be pasted by anyone easily,” says Manisha.

Fill the space with fresh and reinvigorating aroma: Nothing says summer more than citrusy notes. You can place aroma diffusers around the home to make the ambience relaxing and cheerful.